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Free Seats for Host Agencies

First Responder Grants offers affordable, effective grant writing and grant management training to public safety agencies around the country. Designed and tailored specifically to the needs of first responders, our training focuses solely on federal, state, local and private sector grants for public safety agencies and departments.

Since 1998, our Certified Grants Consultants have helped America’s public safety agencies win over $1,000,000,000 in grant funding. We have been leading training nationwide for more than a decade to agencies just like yours, and our students have an +80% success rate with grant applications, many on their first try.

When you bring our training to your jurisdiction, you get free seats for your agency, plus training that helps you and your area agencies win grants. And, you get all this for a lower cost than training seminars requiring travel. Your personnel do not have to take on additional travel costs, and nor do area agencies who also choose to attend.

Your Training Partner

We understand that many of you are working with very limited budgets and that your time is extremely limited and valuable. Let us help you learn how to obtain the funding you need to stretch your available budgets, increase officer safety, and get the equipment you need to do your job safely and effectively.

We will be your partner for recruiting and marketing purposes. Once we have secured a minimum of 15 students to attend, we will come to your department and present any of our grant training courses for all of the First Responder or Public Safety agencies in your regional area.

Learn more below about hosting a training.

Easy Setup

We work hard to bring you a more economical way to receive the grant writing training you need.

Once we have talked and arranged a date to hold your training, we will walk you through the best ways to bring in students from other agencies in your area and beyond.


Host Training, Get Training Reimbursements

Many states allow grant training such as ours as credit to satisfy mandatory in-service training requirements to retain certification levels. Your costs for First Responder Grants training may be eligible for reimbursement under state guidelines such as Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) credits or from State Fire Certification and Training authorities.

Our training has been frequently approved for In-service or Continuing Education Credits for many career disciplines. Most states require this be done on a per-training basis. If you wish to have this training certified as such, it is your responsibility to submit the materials to the appropriate authority for approval. We will assist you in providing needed documentation to accomplish this, or we will advise you if it has been pre-approved for your area. Doing so sometimes opens the door to reimbursement from state training funds for attending this training, therefore making it easier to recruit students.

Contact your state training organization office about receiving in-service credit or, in some cases, reimbursement for tuition costs. We can usually provide you with all the information you may need to fulfill any requirements they may have.

Discounts on First Responder Grants Services

Any student, including from the host agency, who signs up for our Annual Grant Services Package (AGSP) within 30 days of attending your training will receive a 10% discount off the normal price of $1,500 ($1,350) for one year of additional grant support services. These additional support services greatly increase the success rate of the students utilizing them.

What We Provide

We will supply you and your training’s students with the following:

  • Marketing materials.
  • A faxable flyer registration form that has been customized for your training (listing dates, locations, times, agency contact information and other relevant details). These can be distributed via print, fax, email, websites, social media and/or organizational bulletin boards.
  • A web-based/ online registration process. We can accept payment also via faxable registration form or via phone also. Payment is accepted via purchase order, check or any major credit card.
  • We handle all billing, invoicing and payment collections for open training.
  • One qualified instructor for your training (the instructor will be responsible for all their own travel expenses).
  • Prior to each training, each registered student will be emailed an electronic file containing all handouts. This is for them to print and bring with them to the training.
  • Marketing of your seminar on our website, through our opt-in email list and through our social media presences on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Certificates to each student attending the training.

What You Provide

Proactively recruiting students is your primary responsibility, as you have access to potential students and local/state professional organizations that we do not, especially within your own state or regional areas. That is why we can hold attendance costs down for your students. We can advise you on methods to inform potential students informed of the availability of the training and help facilitate your recruiting efforts. We are still the most economical firm that specifically trains Public Safety and First Responders personnel in these types of grants.

In exchange for providing the items below, you as the hosting agency will be provided with 2 free seats at the training. You may use these free seats yourself or give them away; the choice is yours.

Your responsibilities are as follows

  • The cost to attend First Responder Grants training is $499.00 per student. We strongly encourage pre-registration. This helps “lock in” your training and prevent possible cancellation due to lack of registered attendees. Payment is due no later than the first day of the actual training.
  • You are responsible for proactively recruiting students to the training. A minimum of 15 registered students is required for us to come and present this training.
  • The usual size of our training sessions typically is around 20-35 students. However, we can handle as many students as your training facility can legally seat within existing fire codes.
  • Our courses are designed and targeted to ALL Public Safety and First Responder Agencies, so you should target all of these types of agencies in your regional and state areas. Our training typically draws students from within a 400 mile radius.
  • You must provide the training facility for the training. The training facility can be any room, in any suitable location, set into a classroom style and large enough to safely and comfortably accommodate students.
  • We strongly suggest the training facility have Internet access, available at minimum to the instructor (we are also capable of wireless access). Internet availability to all students is highly desirable but not required.
  • We supply our own laptop computers and can supply our own projectors if needed (please advise), but a projection screen or white wall at the front of the room is needed, along with appropriate electrical power access.
  • We do not provide or pay for refreshments/meals for your students; this is your responsibility. Hosts usually provide coffee and drinks during the training, as well as some breakfast-type snacks. Many hosts solicit a local restaurant or sandwich/pizza restaurant to supply lunch as a donation to their department. Many hosts have had success soliciting funds from local businesses to pay or supply these amenities themselves; however, this is only a suggestion and not a requirement.

30 days prior to the arranged date for your training, we will have a teleconference with you to check your recruiting efforts. If you have the required 15 students registered, we will lock in your date and our instructor will then make airline and hotel reservations. As these reservations are usually non-refundable for our instructors and some students, without incurring considerable penalty, you should encourage early registration from potential attendees. If at this point you have not attained 15 registered students, you may choose to move your date and continue to recruit or cancel the training without penalty.

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For more information, please contact Greg Bavis:
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We will discuss a date for your training. This is usually a minimum of 10 weeks in advance, to allow you ample time to prepare and recruit students to attend your training.