$270K AFG fire truck grant replaces 1977 apparatus

“On behalf of the Newark Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to thank Greg Bavis for his assistance with our FY2020 Assistance to Firefighters Grant application that resulted in an award of approximately $270,000 of federal funding to help replace our 1977 tanker/tender apparatus.

AFG applications for the Vehicle Acquisition program are highly competitive. Greg worked with us to make sure our application was written as well as possible to provide our department with the best chance at receiving an award. Greg’s knowledge of the AFG program, his experience with previous successful grant applications, and his attention to detail ensured our application captured our department’s need for federal funding. He also ensured the application was in line with what may be expected of a successful application.

Navigating the AFG notice of funding opportunity and the minor details of the program can be difficult. Missing such details and intricacies could result in an application being rejected in the computer scoring phase before it’s even seen by a real person.

Without Greg’s insight and experience we would have missed crucial details in our application that may not have gotten it before a peer review panel and ultimately funded. Greg’s assistance in identifying possible funding sources for future projects has also been valuable to our department.

We are beyond grateful to Greg and First Responder Grants for working with us on our grant application needs.”

Aaron Leonard
Lieutenant / Vice President, Board of Directors
Newark VT Volunteer Fire Department

$2.6M SAFER firefighter jobs grant & $20K+ AFG fire equipment grant

“I would like to share our story about working with Greg Bavis and First Responder Grants.

In Kennebunk, we were successful many years ago to start with our first SAFER grant, two people. In the last few years, we have been attempting grants again. Two years with no luck.

We then contacted First Responder Grants and Greg Bavis. This was the beginning of a better understanding of how FEMA grants work.

At our very first meeting with Greg, he explained to us why we had not been successful and what not to expect from FEMA for our small department. We worked diligently for several months under Greg’s guidance and came up with a great plan and grant application.

We were successful this year, FY20, with not only a SAFER Grant for 8 firefighters ($2.6 million), but we were also awarded an AFG Grant for equipment replacement for $20K plus.

We owe it all to the First Responder Grant Company and Greg Bavis.

If you have been trying and have been unsuccessful, my recommendation is to contact First Responder Grants. They helped us and I am sure that they can help you.

Thank you First Responder Grants!”


Chief Jeff Rowe
Kennebunk Fire Rescue
Kennebunk, Maine

AFG fire grant winner 2 years in a row!

“Gorham NH Fire and EMS has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for the second year in a row. With the assistance of First Responder Grants and the time dedicated by Greg to making sure our application is ready to submit we can go into the process with our heads held high.

Greg takes the time to explain the reasons for why we are doing what we are doing and gives us the best possible chance every time we submit a grant application. Greg has assisted me with many different grants over the 2 years I have been Chief, which we likely would have not been awarded without his expertise.”

Philip Cloutier
Fire Chief
Town of Gorham Fire & EMS
Gorham, NH

“This is the second year we have had Greg help us with a grant and the second year we have received the grant.”

“Thank you to First Responder Grants for the help and assistance in getting our FEMA 2020 Assistance to Firefighters Grant.

Big shout out to Greg Bavis for all his help in making sure I had all the correct info needed to receive this grant. This is the second year we have had Greg help us with a grant and the second year we have received the grant. Total for both years is $180,333.33. This a huge saving to the Town of Holderness and a huge upgrade of equipment for the Holderness FD. Thank you again.”

Eleanor Mardin, Fire Chief, Holderness, New Hampshire

“Took us to a new level in the grant world”

“Turning to First Responder Grants as our consultant took us to a new level in the grant world. Greg is passionate, works hard, and goes beyond in guiding us to write winning grants.

“First Responder Grants is a great partner with a wealth of resources. The grant training program was an eye-opener and helped dial in our approach to writing grants with important tips and details. Most grateful!”

—Jeff Steingart, CFO/Director, Wauconda Fire Protection District, Illinois

$3.1 million regional AFG award for dual-band radios and repeaters

10 AZ agencies win regional AFG fire grant for radios

“Just a short note to let you know that the Northwest Fire District received a $3.1 million regional AFG award for dual-band radios & repeaters that will benefit 10 agencies operating in and around Tucson, AZ.

“Not gloating, just letting you know that one of your students (me) has had great success writing for these grants, due in part to the training provided through your workshops. This can also be said for many of the other jurisdictions in the metro-Tucson area that sent personnel to your workshops. Thank you for helping us all drink from the fountain.”

James F. Grasham, Grant Consultant
Northwest Fire District, Tucson, AZ

$553,805 in grants awarded over the last 3 years

“highest grant success rate in the history of our agency”

“Our agency has used the services of First Responder grants for the past 3 years. During that time the service they provide as an advisor to assist our grant writer has been very beneficial in our grant seeking endeavors.

“Recently we have seen our highest grant success rate in the history of our agency. We believe this is in-part First Responder Grants participation in our grant writing program.

“Our investment of $4,950 over all during the 3 years of service has assisted our agency secure $553,805 in grant funding. We are very satisfied with the service provided by First Responder Grants and the service they have provided to our agency grant writer.”

Mike Johnson, Fire Chief
Ebbetts Pass Fire District
Arnold, CA

$15,580 for replacement fire hose

Maine FD wins Gary Sinise Foundation Grant award

“I just got word that my first Sinise Foundation grant funding was approved for the Randolph Maine Fire Department. The amount of the award is $15,580 for a large-diameter hose and 2-1/2 in. hose.

“If you need some help navigating the world of writing grants, give First Responder Grants a call. Not only fire grants, but police, and EMS. Received my first grant yesterday that we worked on together. Grant award far exceeded their cost.

“We were awarded a grant from the Gary Sinise First Responder Outreach Foundation for $15,580 to replace of our aging fire hose. THANK YOU!!

“I also want to thank Greg Bavis of First Responder Grants LLC. for steering us to this great foundation, and for helping put the grant together dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. Contact Greg, these people know the ins and outs of grants.”

Ron Cunningham
Randolph Maine Fire Department

AFG peer reviewer: “departments need to invest the time and money to attend one of your classes.”

“I am reviewing AFG applications this year and it has been very revealing how many departments need to invest the time and money to attend one of your classes.

“About 25% of the applicants are so poor that it makes it painful to review their grant requests, because it was a waste of their time and mine. The professional grant writers are generally way too verbose. They write an entire book that I have to sift through to find the pertinent information. Volume is not a plus when it comes to reviewing.

“Anyway, keep up the good work. Fire departments and non-affiliated EMS agencies need your help!”

Jon Stone
Peer Reviewer, Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)

20 complete SCBAs with $134,619 AFG Fire Grant

“Special thank you to Greg Bavis of First Responder Grants for all his help before, during, and after the application process”

“The members of Gorham Fire & EMS and the residents of the Town of Gorham want to express their appreciation for your assistance which led to the award of a 2019 AFG grant.

“Being a Fire Chief with less than 6 months on the job, faced with the task of applying for an AFG grant feels like an insurmountable task. Our prior Chief had taken a weekend class with Greg and hired First Responder Grants, fortunately we were still under the contract when it came time to apply.

“Greg took all the mystery out of the process, came up to meet in person, and helped me throughout the entire application period. During the busy time period leading up to submission Greg was always available when needed and continues to assist with other grant applications as necessary.

“The members of Gorham Fire & EMS will now have up-to-date SCBAs, will be able to perform their duties safely, and return home to their families safely after a fire.”

Chief Philip Cloutier
Gorham Fire & EMS