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Kurt T. Bradley

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Mailing address: 237 N. Brooks St., Manning, SC 29102

Over 20 Years Experience with Public Safety Grants and Grant Writing

About Kurt: Kurt Bradley is a nationally recognized public safety grants consultant and retired law enforcement officer and administrator. Currently the Senior Grant Consultant with First Responder Grants, Inc., Kurt uses his 30 years experience in public safety and grant-writing to specialize in the grant development and grant training needs for the Fire Service, Rescue, EMS, and Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs).


Kurt has attained certifications with the National Grant Writers Association as a:

  • Certified Grants Consultant
  • Certified Grants Reviewer
  • Certified Grants Administrator
  • Certified Grants Specialist


Kurt began his career in the US Air Force, serving during the Vietnam era. He served as an Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems flight crew member and also with the nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program as an Astro Surveyor. He was a key member in the development and testing of the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) program currently in use today.

After an honorable separation in 1976, Kurt began his 25-year career in law enforcement. In 2001 he retired as a Lieutenant and Assistant Chief with a Police Department in Central Florida. During his law enforcement career he was the commander of the communications and criminal investigations divisions for his department. He was a certified law enforcement instructor with the State of Florida and, after the events of 9/11, served with the regional FBI anti-terrorism task force. Kurt was also the grant writer for his city.

Upon retiring from law enforcement, Kurt worked for the local housing authority, writing grants for that agency to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He also wrote grants to corporate and private foundations for social service programs. He was involved in the administration of the $24.5 million HUD HOPE VI grant awarded to that agency and had responsibility for $3.2 million of social service programs. Kurt’s work at this agency resulted in several regional and national HUD “Best Practice” awards while he was employed there for programs that he developed.

From 2004-2009, Kurt was appointed to develop and direct CHIEF Grants (a business unit of CHIEF Corp.) and had responsibility for developing this new business unit providing grant writing training and grant development services to public safety agencies nationwide.

In 2009, Kurt was offered and accepted the position of VP of Homeland Defense Grants with responsibility for developing a full service grant consulting and training firm to assist public safety agencies across the US with a special interest in DHS funding streams.

In 2010, Kurt joined First Responder Grants, Inc., as a senior consultant. He joined forces with his long-time professional colleague and mentor, Margaret Stark, to better serve the First Responder and Public Safety agencies of the US, and those companies serving them. Kurt is the Director and Senior Consultant for all Fire/Rescue/EMS and Emergency Management consulting. Their current client base covers more than 9,000 public safety agenices acorss the US.

During Kurt’s career, he and Margaret have assisted their clients and public safety agencies to win more than $1 billion dollars in grant awards from corporate/private foundations, local, state and federal grant programs.

Author, Journalist, Speaker & Instructor

Kurt is available to give presentations and lead discussions on grant issues at conferences, summits, seminars and workshops. He regularly appears for grant strategy and development presentations with a specialized emphasis on DHS and public safety grant seminars across the country. A dynamic speaker and presenter, Kurt engages his audience and is renowned for his “meat and potatoes” style and his ability to present his subject matter in a format that is easily understood and comprehended well by the public safety employee.

Kurt is a regularly published freelance magazine journalist and guest columnist to public safety industry and Homeland Security publications. He was a guest staff columnist to several local newspapers and has written a weekly law enforcement column. Kurt was the editor of his agency’s newsletter and won both the FAHRO and SERC-NAHRO “Best Newsletter” awards for a housing agency in 2003. Kurt has been a featured guest columnist for the Homeland Defense Journal, FireRescue1, Campus Safety Magazine, JEMS, Fleet Safety Magazine and other public safety industry publications. He also is a prolific blogger in the Federal Grants and Funding thread of forums, as well as the primary blogger and writer of the First Responder Grants Fund Finder blog.

Kurt is co-author of the published reference work Grant Writer’s Handbook for Successful Public Safety Grant Proposals, which is the first reference body of work specifically targeted and directed at the public safety sector in this field.

Kurt’s broad range of experience in public safety, grant writing and journalism makes him uniquely qualified to handle the needs of public safety agencies and others, seeking grants to supplement their shrinking budgets.

As a grants consultant and retired public safety administrator, Kurt brings a unique perspective to this field both as a former agency “administrator-in-need,” and as a grant professional. His experience will serve your department well as you compete for the billions of dollars in grant monies that have been made available through the Department of Homeland Security and other public and private sources of grant funding.

Margaret Stark

Margaret StarkContact Margaret

Office: 803-825-0087

Cell: 540-230-8440

Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: 237 N. Brooks St., Manning, SC 29102

Over 20 Years Experience with Public Safety Grants and Grant Writing

About Margaret: The owner and manager of First Responder Grants, Inc., Margaret Stark is also a public safety grants consultant who specializes in law enforcement grants. With over 20 years experience in grant writing, Margaret has attained certification with the National Grant Writers Association to include:

  • Senior Certified Grants Specialist
  • Certified Grants Administrator
  • Certified Grants Specialist
  • Certified Grants Reviewer
  • Certified Grants Consultant

Over 20,000 Law Enforcement Agencies Assisted

During her career Margaret has assisted over 12,000 law enforcement and public safety agencies in obtaining grant-related information for applications. Her assistance to agencies has resulted in over $900 million of additional funding for agencies in need.

Whether working via face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, or email correspondence, Margaret helps law enforcement agencies identify available grant monies and then provides step-by-step direction as to how agencies may secure the needed funding as well as providing a final review of the application prior to submission.

Teaching & Training Across the U.S.

Margaret also teaches grant writing classes in academies, law enforcement facilities, and individual agencies across the US. Margaret is a nationally recognized speaker and instructor who has presented at professional conferences and seminars including:

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference
  • American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) annual conference
  • Virginia Chief’s Association
  • The Performance Institute
  • Sigarm Academy
  • CHIEF Grants Regional Seminars
  • University of Virginia Command College
  • Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA)
  • Congressman Steven LaTourette Annual Conference
  • TREXPO East and West

Corporate and Practical Experience

Prior to her career as a professional grant consultant and instructor, Margaret served for 4 years as a grant writer for a police department in southwestern Virginia. She has an additional 5 years experience in writing grants and fund-raising for non-profits as well.

When ITT Night Vision decided to start the first vendor sponsored grant program in the ’90’s Margaret was their choice to head that program. This program ran successfully for over 12 years and brought in $5 to $10 million a year in grant funded sales.

During her professional career Margaret has been the grant consultant and grant training instructor for:

  • Patriot 3
  • L-3 EOS
  • StarChase
  • Vectronix
  • Homeland Defense Journal
  • Zistos
  • ITT Night Vision
  • CHIEF Grants
  • Xenonics

Also an accomplished journalist, Margaret has written articles for,, Air Beat Magazine, Law and Order Magazine, Homeland Defense Journal, Law Enforcement Technology Magazine, and many more.

Margaret is co-author of the published reference work Grant Writer’s Handbook for Successful Public Safety Grant Proposals, which is the first reference body of work specifically targeted and directed at the public safety sector in this field.

Greg Bavis

Greg Bavis

Contact Greg

Office: 603-254-4730

Email: [email protected]

Mailing address: PO Box 432, Belmont, NH 03220

Over 16 Years Experience with Public Safety Grant Writing

Over 30 Years in the Fire Service and Law Enforcement

About Greg: Greg has spent his entire career in the Northeast of the United States. His on-the-ground, in-the-ranks experience in both the Fire Service and Law Enforcement has helped him understand what small-town USA needs to do to obtain funding through grants. Greg has spent countless hours researching grants to find funding opportunities for the needs of not only his department, but assisting other departments obtaining funding, along with completing the required documentations for successful closeout of many grants.

Greg’s passion is finding money to augment a department’s money through grants. He takes enormous passion to all grants he writes and maintains a winning attitude in all his grant-writing endeavors. With his knowledge of the public safety arena, winning attitude, and skill for grant-writing, Greg can assist you and your department in obtaining the grants you’re looking for.


Greg has been in the fire service for over 30 years. He started his career in public safety in 1988 as a full-time police officer, and a call firefighter. In my career I have worked for municipal public works along with being a call firefighter. Greg started his full-time career in the fire service in 2000, working up the ranks to Captain of a smaller rural department. In 2004 he took a firefighting position in a much larger department, eventually serving as a full-time Lieutenant for 12 years. Greg was the departments grant writer and fire investigator. While I was a full-time firefighter and Lieutenant I served as a part-time police officer for 20 years, for the past 4 years I have been employed part time as a Communications Specialist for a multi-agency sheriff’s department and a local police department.

Since 2002, Greg has successfully applied for many state and local grants. He has earned a grant success rate of over 85% for grants applied for and awarded. Those grant awards include various of Fire Act Grants. Greg has also served as the grants administrator for the Fire Act Grant received, following all federal and local reporting to ensure proper documentation of the grants. He has assisted in the closeout of 4 grants for a department that merged with another department to properly close out the grants and meet all federal requirements.

Grants that Greg has applied for and been awarded include:

  • Fire Act Grants
  • SCBA
  • Structural firefighting bunker gear
  • Gear washer and extractor 
  • Facility upgrades to fire alarm and full sprinkler system 
  • EMS gear 
  • State grants
  • Tactical EMS gear for first responders, including bulletproof vests and EMS in the warm zone equipment
  • Forestry hose and equipment
  • Competitive grant funding through private companies
  • Fire investigation equipment
  • Fire investigation class funding for students to attend week-long investigation school

Kris Kloetz

Contact Kris

Office: 603-707-6634

Email: [email protected]

About Kris

Law Enforcement Officer, SWAT Operator, Volunteer Firefighter, Grant Writer & Consultant

Kris has spent his entire career in Law Enforcement. While working for different agencies with limited budgets, Kris knows what it is like to struggle to find funding for equipment and training to keep the department running efficiently. Kris has assisted his agency with several grant opportunities over his career that have kept his agency on the leading edge of providing quality service to the community. Kris truly enjoys finding every avenue to acquire funding for a department and will assist you with obtaining the grant that will take your community service to the next level.

Public Safety, Instructional & Grant Writing Background

Kris began his law enforcement career at the age of 18, working part-time for a local agency in New Hampshire while attending college. During that time, Kris was also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown.

After college, Kris continued in law enforcement in a full-time capacity. Kris is an instructor for his department in several areas. His assistance is frequently requested in courses of instruction at the New Hampshire Police Academy.

Kris spent several years as a SWAT Operator/Sniper on a regional special operations team that covers over 10 towns and cities. Kris frequently teaches classes on workplace violence prevention and situational awareness to local businesses in the community. Kris has worked closely with other members of his department on several grant opportunities for equipment and training. Kris is also the department’s liaison with the New Hampshire Traffic Safety Bureau, where Kris’s grant writing has augmented funding for motor vehicle enforcement patrols to prevent speeding, distracted driving, and impairment.