Meet your new public safety grant consultant

Kris Kloetz: Law Enforcement Officer, SWAT Operator, Volunteer Firefighter, Grant Writer & Consultant

Meet your new grant consultant! Kris Kloetz has an extensive public safety background, including Law Enforcement Officer, SWAT Operator, and Volunteer Firefighter. We’re so proud to welcome Kris to the First Responder Grants team:

About Kris

Law Enforcement Officer, SWAT Operator, Volunteer Firefighter, Grant Writer & Consultant

Kris has spent his entire career in Law Enforcement. While working for different agencies with limited budgets, Kris knows what it is like to struggle to find funding for equipment and training to keep the department running efficiently. Kris has assisted his agency with several grant opportunities over his career that have kept his agency on the leading edge of providing quality service to the community. Kris truly enjoys finding every avenue to acquire funding for a department and will assist you with obtaining the grant that will take your community service to the next level.

Public Safety, Instructional & Grant Writing Background

Kris began his law enforcement career at the age of 18, working part-time for a local agency in New Hampshire while attending college. During that time, Kris was also a volunteer firefighter in his hometown.

After college, Kris continued in law enforcement in a full-time capacity. Kris is an instructor for his department in several areas. His assistance is frequently requested in courses of instruction at the New Hampshire Police Academy.

Kris spent several years as a SWAT Operator/Sniper on a regional special operations team that covers over 10 towns and cities. Kris frequently teaches classes on workplace violence prevention and situational awareness to local businesses in the community. Kris has worked closely with other members of his department on several grant opportunities for equipment and training. Kris is also the department’s liaison with the New Hampshire Traffic Safety Bureau, where Kris’s grant writing has augmented funding for motor vehicle enforcement patrols to prevent speeding, distracted driving, and impairment.

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