Todd A. Noon, Senior Associate, TRIAD Associates, New Jersey

I attended your 2016 grants workshop in Massachusetts, and it has paid huge dividends for our company and our clients.

Following your workshop, I wrote 3 First Responder grants for 2 small communities in New Jersey: an AFG for new SCBA equipment; a SAFER Hiring application; and a SAFER Volunteer Recruitment application. All 3 have now been approved and fully funded… just shy of $1 million!

Your course was filled with so much valuable, actionable information. What I learned in my two days with you made a real impact on the applications I submitted. In fact, when I compare these recent successful applications with ones I’ve done in the past that were not funded, the differences are clear.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. The success we’ve had since taking your course has been well worth the nominal cost.