Special Projects: Grants & Funding Strategy

Regional Grant Development, Needs Assessment, Budget Analysis, Fundraising & More


Customer Testimonial
"I have no one to thank but YOU! You are the one that gave me the guidance and what was needed to be so successful in being awarded a 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant. Both myself and my department greatly appreciate all your help which enabled us to update and expand our department's equipment and services."


Chief John Kirchner
Diamond Fire Company, Ohio

Agencies have different needs, and resolving those needs cannot always be achieved by applying for a single grant. Resolving the financial need problems within your agency often requires a multi-faceted approach.


Our goal is to resolve those problems for you in a manner designed to maximize the use of your available budget resources and design a strategy for your agency which will help you reach your goals.



Special Project Services


At First Responder Grants, our Certified Senior Grant Consultants provide grant development services and other special projects for agencies like yours. These services are quoted on a per project basis, please contact us to discuss.


Here are some of the special project services available:


Needs Assessment


Customer Testimonial
"Just FYI we were awarded the grant for the new Livescan fingerprint machine and KLER records management interface. Let's see what we are up to now:


ARRA Funding, $321,999
911 Grant, $50,000
Polaris Ranger, $14,000
Kansas JAG Funding, $23,000
Local Kiwanis Funding, $1,200


"That's $410,199, and we have about $4,000 invested in training and assistance through you... which works out to about $100,000 for every $1,000 invested. Thanks for your help."


Undersheriff Mickey Gruber
Brown County Sheriff, Kansas

Conduct a grants needs assessment to determine areas where grant funding could be used, identify specific program suitability and outline the potential for success using those programs.


Budget Analysis


Maximize usage of available, existing budget dollars by conducting a budget analysis. Analyze areas where grants might be properly utilized to supplement deficient areas.


Grant Strategy Development


Develop and implement a proper grant strategy for your agency to seek funding from resources involved in the homeland defense grants area.


Fundraising Programs


Review your department's fundraising programs and recommend other programs or modifications that can make your fundraising efforts more successful.


Grant Development for Regional and Multi-Agency Grants


Facilitate and develop regional grant applications for multi-agency grant proposals for equipment and projects such as interoperable communications or training.


Alternative Funding Strategy Development


Customer Testimonial
"Prior to 2011, our fire company has done all of our grant writing in-house with not much luck. In 2010, we opted to consult a grant writer to help us with this task. After a lot of research and talking to others that had previously used grant writers, First Responder Grants was the name that kept coming up.


"Kurt Bradley took the time to get to know all the aspects of the fire company so he could help us as much as possible. In 2012, we were awarded nearly $90,000 for some much-needed equipment from the 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant.


"The department made a small, but excellent and smart investment. We will continue to use Kurt for his expertise for future grants."


Joseph Durr
Schuyler Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., New York

Although grants resolve many financial issues, not all problems can be resolved with a grant. We can help you find other solutions for the hard-to-resolve budgetary constraints you face. During this process, we will research, identify and articulate those alternatives for you and offer tangible methods in how to accomplish them. We'll examine and recommend alternative funding techniques such as donations, fundraising, use of surplus equipment programs or sharing of resources.




After understanding your department's needs and circumstances, we can research potential funding solutions for short-term and long-term funding needs.


Special Grant and Funding Projects


Agencies have unique needs that sometimes require a more tailor-made solution. We can help you structure, find and implement the unique solutions to fulfill those needs.


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Each Special Project is as unique as your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you towards achieving your agency's funding goals.