Grant Writing & Review


Grant Writing

We have a full contingent of grant writers available to handle the tasks of writing your grant from start to finish, if you desire. This usually entails having a knowledgeable person readily accessible and available to the consultant assigned, in order to gather and share information particular to your agency, community and statistical and budgetary data. Depending upon the complexity of the grant and the information required, it may also entail travel by the consultant to your location. If travel is required it will be pre-approved and billed separately.


Every grant program, department or organization and community is different and as such, it is difficult to accurately quote a price here, without first discussing your needs and ability to assist us with what will be required. Please call or contact one of our Sr. Consultants.


Generally speaking, most public safety or first responder grant program applications can be accomplished and written within 10 hours for a minimum fee of $1700. If the complexity of the grant program demand additional hours those hours are charged at $150 per hour for actual hours worked. We will discuss the specifics of your project and the estimated costs prior to you engaging us for that work.


Grant Reviewing

We can review your grant applications prior to submission or we can also review rejected or failed applications to identify weaknesses or possible reasons for rejection and ways to improve the body of work. This can be accomplished in one of three ways:


  • Annual Grant Service Package - an economical, bundled, annual subscription package of grant support services. See more details here.


  • Phone reviewing – You can send your application to us and we will call you and discuss its merits or weaknesses with you. Most applications can be reviewed in one hour. Time is charged at $100.00 per hour. You will be charged for a minimum of 1 hour with any time exceeding the first hour billed in quarter hour increments.
  • Hands-on reviewing with written comments and editing – We can review your grant with written comments and editing and return it to you. This usually takes, at minimum, 3-4 hours at $125 per hour.