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GrantFinder: How to plan now for future grants - First Responder Grants


Alerts and calendar keep you on top of upcoming grants and deadlines


You found a great grant, only to discover it's not accepting applications at the time. It will be in the future though. But that opens up its own can of worms. Now you have to figure out a way to keep track of the grant, when it opens, when it closes... and you know how it's going to end. You'll smack yourself on the head after missing the deadline. After all, with so many other duties, responsibilities, and tasks in your day-to-day life, how will you prevent another application period from passing you by?


There is a way to plan for grants so you don't miss out. Just use Grant Calendar and Grant Alerts, 2 powerful tools in GrantFinder, the resource that's like Google for grants. A combination of GrantFinder's Calendar and Grant Alert tools can help you stay on top of pending deadlines and upcoming new programs.


Now all AGSP and Grant Class students get Vertical Grant finder Free for 6 months!!


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What is the Vertical version?  


The Vertical GrantFinder will provide you with a listing of grants for your area of discipline only. Example: Fire Depts will get listing for fire grants only, etc. 


Grant calendar


At-a-glance view of when grants are open and closing


GrantFinder: Grant Calendar - First Responder Grants


On August 1, 2017 alone, 124 grants have their deadline.


How do we know that? Because GrantFinder's powerful Calendar view showed us.


GrantFinder's Grant Calendar gives you the ability to browse grants based on timeline, deadline, and funding source. This powerful visual tool shows deadlines of grants so you can look for a program based on schedule.


Calendar also gives you an at-a-glance view that helps you plan out your application efforts. If you're looking for programs with deadlines, say, next month, next quarter, or even further down the road, GrantFinder's Calendar can show you that.


Grant alerts


Have those grants come to you


GrantFinder: Set your email preferences


Sure, you can use GrantFinder's Calendar and Search to help you hunt for grants, but wouldn't it be nice if the grants could come to you?


With GrantFinder's Grant Alerts, you can set up email notifications based on your needs and preferences. Once setup, Grant Alerts will monitor GrantFinder's system and email you the latest news about programs relevant to your needs.


You can customize your email alerts by:


  • Grant Categories
  • Matching Requirement
  • Funder Type
  • Who Can Apply?
  • Geographic Coverage


From there, you can even tell GrantFinder what day or days of the week you'd like to receive your emails.


Grant Alerts turn GrantFinder into your own grant search engine, but it does the work for you—and lets you know when it's time to go into application mode.


Grants found—in time for the deadline!


GrantFinder's powerful tools can help you never again have that horrible feeling that comes when you miss a deadline for a grant that would have been perfect for your department.


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