Police K9 Grants

Police grants and other funding programs to set up and support K-9 units

Application deadlines, grant amounts, and program terms and availability are subject to change without notice.

K9 LEAP Grants by State

“The K9 LEAP Grant is an internal Grant of $2,500.00 (Single Purpose K9) or $3,500.00 (Dual Purpose K9), which is available based on Agency need. The grant allowance is applicable towards the purchase costs of the Canine, Training Course, Certification, and Equipment package from K9 Working Dogs International, LLC, for Law Enforcement Agencies that qualify.”

Universal K9 Police Dog Grant

Choose from single purpose (narcotics or explosive), or dual purpose (both narcotics or explosive).

ICSI Police K9 Grant Program

“ICSI developed the Police Canine Grant Program to assist Police Departments in overcoming budget shortfalls and costs with starting a police canine program. If your Police Department is wanting to start a Police Canine Program, then ICSI’s Police Canine Grant Program can benefit your Police Department by either adding or replace a Police Canine.”

NACOP K-9 Program

“Since 2001, NACOP has assisted police departments throughout the United States with their K-9 programs”

Hero K9

“Hero K9 provides K9s, training, and equipment, empowering these agencies to make a positive difference in our communities.”


“A K9s4COPs grant consists of a K9 and initial training for the K9 and its hander. We do not offer monetary grants. Our K9s come from approved and licensed K9 facilities and trainers that specialize in working dogs and are able to provide a broad selection of K9s for our grantees to select from.”

Project Paws Alive

“We provide lifesaving K-9 equipment such as bullet & stab-proof vests, first aid kits, vehicle heat alarms, cooling vests, and pet oxygen mask kits to Law Enforcement, Fire, Search & Rescue, EMS, and Military nationwide.”

Southern Tier Police Canine Association’s K-9 Grant

“Since its inception in 1984, the STPCA has donated countless police canines through departments throughout the Tri-State area and beyond.”

Animal Farm Foundation’s K9 Detection Dog Program

“The K9 detection dog teams trained by our grantee Sector K9* work within communities to end the drug crisis and keep schools and children safe by detecting guns or drugs. The dogs often help bridge any gaps that exist between police officers and individuals in their communities, especially with younger generations.”

AKC Reunite K9 Matching Grant Program

“AKC Reunite works with AKC Clubs to donate K-9 police dogs to police departments around the United States. Many police department K-9 units are suffering budget cuts and they are unable to solicit money due to town and municipality codes. The donations from AKC Reunite and AKC Clubs allow the police department’s need for a new K-9 to become a reality.”

2020 K9 Grant

“Grants will be awarded to law enforcement agencies or first responders for use towards maintenance or an existing K9 unit and/or creation of a new unit.”

National Police Dog Foundation

“We promote awareness and raise funds for the purchase, training, and veterinary care of active and retired law enforcement K-9s.”

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