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The Secret Weapon For Limited Public Safety Agency Budgets

Your sales team has heard it on call after call…

“Due to budget cuts, we just can’t buy that equipment right now.”

It’s true. In today’s economy, public safety budgets are tighter than ever. All too often, your prospects and customers can’t say “yes” to a sale, because the dollars just aren’t there. It’s not good for the agency, because your equipment helps them perform their duties better. And it’s not good for you, because it prevents your sales and customer satisfaction from being what they should be.

But here’s another thing that’s true: you can do something about it. Something that increases your sales, increases customer acquisition, increases customer retention and increases customer satisfaction.

Let us help you get funding for your customers.

Grant Services for Businesses, Manufacturers and Companies Servicing the Homeland Defense and Public Safety Industries

Your organization provides services or equipment that serve the needs of emergency service providers, public safety and first responder agencies. Public safety agencies across the U.S. use grant funding to bridge the gap between their budget limitations and their services and equipment needs.

And at First Responder Grants, we offer a broad range of grant writing training, grant consulting and grant writing services that enhance your customer’s ability to access supplemental grant and funding resources. These additional funds often mean the difference between your customer going without, and you winning the business of a public safety agency who now has the funds to obtain your products and services, thanks to grant programs.

When you become a sponsor of First Responder Grants, we custom-tailor a grants procurement program specific to your needs:

  • In-house staff training and educational presentations about grant programs
  • Advertising and cross marketing opportunities
  • Client/customer referral programs
  • Speaking engagements
  • Co-staffing of your trade show booths with a grant consultant

Stand out as a company that truly cares about your clients and their needs

Let us help you get funding for your customers. We will show you how to effectively mitigate that woeful cry from your customers of “We love your equipment but, we don’t have any money!” Let us show you how to enhance your company’s image as one that truly cares and understands the budget plight of public safety agencies, and is helping them bridge the gap between the equipment they need and the funding they don’t have.

  • Does your business want to take advantage of the many funding opportunities available for your clients?
  • Are you tired of hearing this? “We love your product but we have no money.”
  • Do you want to stand out as a company that truly cares about your clients and their needs?

If so, then it’s time for your organization to become a sponsor of First Responder Grants.

First Responder Grants offers a sponsorship package for your organization to assist public safety agencies in their grant efforts, as well as grant writing training and complete grant writing services.

Now your sales team can hear this instead

“Thanks to grants, now we can place that order with you.”

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