20 complete SCBAs with $134,619 AFG Fire Grant

“Special thank you to Greg Bavis of First Responder Grants for all his help before, during, and after the application process”

“The members of Gorham Fire & EMS and the residents of the Town of Gorham want to express their appreciation for your assistance which led to the award of a 2019 AFG grant.

“Being a Fire Chief with less than 6 months on the job, faced with the task of applying for an AFG grant feels like an insurmountable task. Our prior Chief had taken a weekend class with Greg and hired First Responder Grants, fortunately we were still under the contract when it came time to apply.

“Greg took all the mystery out of the process, came up to meet in person, and helped me throughout the entire application period. During the busy time period leading up to submission Greg was always available when needed and continues to assist with other grant applications as necessary.

“The members of Gorham Fire & EMS will now have up-to-date SCBAs, will be able to perform their duties safely, and return home to their families safely after a fire.”

Chief Philip Cloutier
Gorham Fire & EMS