Chief Peter Tyc, Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company, Middlefield, Connecticut

Winner of a $86,667 FY 2017 AFG Fire Grant

On behalf of the Officers and Members of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company, I wish to thank you for your assistance in preparing our 2017 AFG grant.

As you know, it was awarded in Round 4 for the full amount that was requested. After applying for the past 3 years, I believe your insight in clearly identifying the needs of the Fire Company was crucial in the award.

From the first day of the class you provided information and ideas that we never considered, and you helped identify the key points in all of the narratives. Your continued assistance is also appreciated in preparing for the actual purchase process and subsequent filing of all the paperwork.

You provide a complete grant assistance program from start to finish. Kurt, I thank you again for your assistance, patience, and expertise. You certainly made an impact on our grants application and will continue to do so.