Kelly V. Teague, Certified Grant Writer, Haywood Community College, North Carolina

I write grants for many different departments in our college, but I needed specific guidance for public safety grants. This online training was a very comprehensive training that helped me prepare for several grants I am currently working on for our college’s new Public Safety Facility.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take the Online Public Safety Grant Writing training. This course was so comprehensive that I keep my notes from the course available as a quick reference for any grant.

Not only was the online training helpful, but the staff at First Responders Grants has also been exceptionally professional and helpful. It’s rare to find an organization that provides both professionalism and personal attention. I would recommend this course to anyone writing public safety grants.

Craig Thomas, Firefighter/Paramedic, Haleyville, Alabama, Fire/Rescue

Our department was awarded its first grant in 2003. I was tasked with taking over the responsibility of writing grants in 2005 and luckily was awarded in the first round. My next grant came late in 2008 after several rejections between the two. I had spoken with Kurt a few times informally but decided to take his Charlotte, NC class in 2009. After taking his class and totally rethinking the way I was writing grants, I was awarded a 3000 gallon tanker in round 1 of the 2009 grants and a brush/quick attack apparatus late in the 2010 awards for my department.

After the format change I went through several rejections in Ops, Fire Prevention and one S.A.F.E.R. grant until I received a partial grant in 2012. I was turned down again in 2013 and 2014. I had wanted to get back to Kurt’s class, but none were offered within several hundred miles. I had been considering the online class and after a brief discussion with my Fire Chief and Mayor I was all set to go.

The online class took me about four hours to complete and was in a very easy to understand and follow format. The class was an excellent refresher for me from the two day class I had attended a few years ago and I picked up on quite a few new ideas as well as saw a couple areas that I feel were causing my turndown notices.

As I begin to prepare and submit this year’s application in the coming days, I will be referring back to the online class section by section to make sure I am following what I learned to give our department the best possible chance of an award this year.

Kurt is very knowledgeable and highly respected in the grant writing community and has always responded to my questions, emails and phone calls very quickly. I highly recommend attending the online AFG grant class whether you are a first time grant writer or like I was, needing to freshen up on the grant process.

Brian Andrus, West Marshall Fire Department, Benton, Kentucky

I’ve known Kurt in the grant area since 2003. Kurt was the driving force that allowed me to receive our first Assistance to Firefighters Grant, and throughout the years, and over a million dollars in grant money later, he has been an amazing resource for grant training and consulting. As a recent student of Kurt’s online course, it provided me with updated essential training in the comfort of my home. I would definitely recommend First Responder Grants as your grant resource.

Derrick Hall, Assistant Chief/Paramedic, Hazard Fire & Rescue, Kentucky

“We have been awarded 78% of the grants that we applied for.”

Hazard Fire and Rescue started to pursue grants for our department in the year 2000. Prior to that we had just made do with what we were given.

We attended Kurt’s seminar and have had excellent success since then. We have been awarded 78% of the grants that we applied for.

The seminar presents the information to the students in a format that is easy to comprehend and easy to follow. The instructor emphasizes the points that the reviewers look for in successful grants. The seminar helps to point out a lot of little details that are easily overlooked and may make the difference in getting a grant or getting rejected.

Kurt has answered many emails, and is great to return calls (usually within a few minutes). We feel so confident in this seminar, that we have attended additional seminars and have involved the city police department as well.

The department made an excellent investment in our future by sending a member to this seminar. We invested less than $1,000 dollars, and to this point we have received a total of over $1.9 million dollars in grants altogether. To say the least, we are very happy with our investment. I would encourage any department to take advantage of this excellent training.

Derrick Hall
Assistant Chief/Paramedic
Hazard Fire & Rescue

Randal K. Schlauch, Chief of Police, Hallettsville, Texas

“I gained a great deal of knowledge in your seminar.”

I gained a great deal of knowledge in your seminar. I am actually able to bring something back and put it to use for a change. Thank you for all of your valuable information and guidance, as well as the continued support.

Randal K. Schlauch
Chief of Police
Hallettsville, Texas

Michael Ten Kate, Chief, Virgil Fire Department, New York

The best grant applications ever filed

After years of doing grant writing on my own, I went to one of Kurt Bradley’s conferences and then hired him as a consultant. All I can say is that I could not possibly be happier. It was well worth the time and money spent!

I would highly recommend the combination local writer/ professional consultant and editor approach as Kurt recommends. It results in a good mix of locally specific information, yet still hits the points that the granting agencies are looking for.

I would also like to recommend to anyone looking to hire a consultant/grant writer to look for a Public Safety-specific Grant Writer. We have used local general grant writers in the past. They charge more and just don’t understand the Fire Act/ FEMA system.

I can tell you the applications filed since hiring Kurt Bradley are the best ever filed by my agencies. I am looking forward to dealing with Kurt for years to come.

Michael Ten Kate
Virgil Fire Department
New York

Nick Cook, Lieutenant, Bendersville Community Fire Company, Pennslyvania

“The best money our department has ever spent”

My department sent me and another guy to one of Kurt’s seminars in Philadelphia, PA about 3 or 4 years ago. It was the best money our department has ever spent. We had been successful one time through AFG and several small local grant programs before attending this seminar.

Since then we have been doing very well with grants. I would estimate in the last 3 years we are in the $750,000–$1,000,000 dollar club for grants.

Our department is very small and gets very little support from local government and $0.00 from taxes. So grants are our livelihood along with fundraisers. As we all know you can only hold so many Bingo’s, breakfasts and ticket raffles before you get burnt out. So we have been lucky, and I would highly recommend going to one of Kurt’s seminars.

Nick Cook
Bendersville Community Fire Company

Justin Dixon, Assistant Chief, Burkville Fire Department, Alabama

70% success rate

I have been to Kurt’s classes before and they are GREAT! I have had a 70% success rate with all my grants at Burkville FD and helping other departments in Lowndes Co since attending. It has also opened my eyes to other grant opportunities besides just AFG and others through DHS. If you want to see the Trucks, the Turnouts, the SCBAs, the Thermal Imagers, the Hose, the Cascade System that I have been successful with since attending, just let me know I’ll be glad to send you pictures of them!

The $2,000 it cost my department to send me to Orlando years ago has more than paid for itself. Seriously consider this class! The small $300 or so it cost your department to send you will be quickly recouped when AFG and other grants open up.

Justin Dixon
Assistant Chief
Burkville Fire Department

Deputy Justin Koller, York County Sheriff’s Office, York, Pennsylvania

“First Responder Grants is catered to us, America’s first responders.”

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Grant Writing Class offered by First Responder Grants. As a Deputy Sheriff in York, PA, I have had the chance to attend other classes on grant writing but none of them compared to this course. First Responder Grants is truly that—for first responders.

Other classes found me looking for ballistic vests while the people next to me were looking for a new roof on their church. First Responder Grants is catered to us, America’s first responders.

Thank you again for this great opportunity.

Deputy Justin Koller
York County Sheriff’s Office