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If you are involved with a Police, Sheriff, Corrections or Criminal Justice type agency or Fire/Rescue,

Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Ambulance or Emergency

Management Agencies (EMA) and are facing problems with:


  • Personnel cuts or impending layoffs
  • Lack of training funds
  • Money to purchase personal safety equipment or tools associated with any of these vocations
  • Aging fleets of emergency response vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, SWAT vehicles, mobile command post or squad cars
  • Computer hardware and software or IT improvements
  • Communications equipment including, radios, base stations, repeaters, MDTs or pagers


We can help! We are the one-stop shop for helping your Public Safety Agency or First Responder organization to train or assist you to locate, develop , apply and win supplemental grant funding from Federal, State, Local, Private and Corporate funding resources involved in homeland defense.


We also offer a wide array of services custom tailored to assist companies serving the public safety sector or industry and wanting to offer help or assistance to their customers in obtaining grant money for their products and services.


We all are currently faced with the worst economic crisis that our country has faced in decades and it is presenting unprecedented challenges to local government agencies ( LGAs) and non-government agencies (NGOs) in maintaining their continuity of operations and supplying the equipment needed to keep their public safety and first responders safe and properly equipped to meet the modern day threats facing our citizens. Shrinking tax bases and zero, or even negative growth, have resulted in deep cuts to the budgets of our agencies and organizations.


Our consultants possess the experience, knowledge, skills and winning track record to help you identify the funding that fits your needs and can help you with each step of the grant process. Our consultants are all former or current public safety employees. We have walked in your shoes and know intimately the budgetary problems facing you in working in these career fields. We are here to answer questions about the grants, guide you through the application process, and review your application before you submit your grant or to train you to do these tasks for your organization.


First Responder Grants offers a wide variety of consulting to assist your agency or company in finding and obtaining grant funding. We have grant writers on staff that can answer questions, review your application, or write the grant for you. The best way to insure you have grant assistance for any grant that you are applying for throughout the year is with our Annual Grant Service Package.


Please take a moment to fill out our contact form and one of our consultants will contact you usually within 24 hours. The initial consultation is free.


Grant Services for Your Agency

Annual Grant Services Package


Having the full support advantage of First Responder Grants is essential to successful grant application efforts. In response to this need, First Responder Grants offers an economical, bundled package, of annual grant writing support services. These services are specifically designed to be supportive of your individual and department grant writing efforts and will routinely result in a higher scoring application being submitted to a grant program.


The Annual Grant Services Package includes:

Unlimited email and phone consultation with our consultants for questions, advice and guidance on all grant matters.


Full access to our grants website and the information posted there.


16 hours of actual "hands-on" pre-submission reviewing and editing of grant applications or grant related documents (this applies to single agency grant applications only, not multi-agency or regional type grant applications which are considered special projects and subject to separate negotiated fees).


The cost for these annual services is offered to our clients at $1,300 per year. If your Local Government or Public Safety agency signs up for these services within 30 days of attending a workshop, they will receive a 15% discount off the first year's fee ($1,100). This saves your agency more than $1100 in reviewing service fees alone vs paying for them "as needed".


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