Police grants: What is an Application Submitter?

Police grant help: A key role for OJP grants

According to OJP, the Application Submitter role in JustGrants is one of six foundational roles in DoJ’s new grants management system to help entities complete the specific requirements and tasks associated with a funding application.

The individual in your organization who is assigned to be the Application Submitter is responsible for completing and submitting the application and budget documents. This includes Entity Assurances and Certifications.

An entity may have multiple Application Submitters within JustGrants. However, there can only be one Application Submitter assigned to each application at a time. Should an Application Submitter need to be replaced, the Entity Administrator can reassign roles within JustGrants.

To learn more, review the DOJ Application Submission Checklist, which covers all necessary steps the Application Submitter should take to complete the two-part application process in Grants.gov and JustGrants. You may also visit the Application Submission Training page on the JustGrants website.