Your agency can map your jurisdiction

Compile crucial data on your area with Google Earth Pro… for free

Demographics. Distances. Area. Traffic.

Crucial data like this just scratches the surface of the information your jurisdiction needs. Not only can this data help you better plan scenarios and train your personnel, it can also bolster your grant applications and help move you toward the winner’s circle.

But… how do you get that data?

This sort of mapping and data analysis used to be really expensive. But not anymore.

Google Earth Pro is a free tool. Public safety agencies like yours can use it for crucial data, such as:

  • View demographics
  • Measure and calculate distance, area, and more
  • Review traffic count
  • Map data points
  • Use data in your grant applications or other documents

Get—and map—the crucial data your agency needs for incident planning and for writing grant applications:

Get Google Earth

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