National Tactical Officers Association Grant Program


This program is not available at this time.

NTOA offers the SPA-NTOA Grant Program to SWAT teams who are members of NTOA. This program provides lifesaving equipment to tactical teams that may otherwise not be able to obtain this equipment.

All applicants are required to have a valid NTOA Team Membership to be eligible for grant programs. If non-member teams wish to apply, they must first obtain a team membership with NTOA. Memberships must be processed 10-15 days prior to grant closing date. (NTOA Individual membership holders are not eligible for this program.)

Instructions: Applications will be judged on the following criteria: the completeness of the application, statistical data on operations, team size vs. department size vs. population served. Narratives should be at least 300 words and describe in detail why your team should be selected and how the equipment will help your team. (Some grants may have additional requirements.) Please note that if your narratives are not at least 300 words, they will not be considered.

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