$567,400 gun detection technology grant awarded to New Jersey CPO

3rd-largest grant uses ARPA funding through New Jersey’s Gun Shot Detection Technology Initiative

The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office of Trenton, NJ, has received a gun detection technology grant award for $567,400. The grant’s funding comes from State of New Jersey ARPA funding, through their Gun Shot Detection Technology Initiative.

Integrates tech into law enforcement resources

This program helps law enforcement agencies acquire, implement, and enhance gunshot detection technology, such as

  • Acoustic sensor systems
  • Video management systems
  • Automatic license plate readers (“ALPRs”)
  • And the software necessary to integrate the three technologies into one system accessible to law enforcement in real-time

Mercer CPO requested and was awarded the full $567,400 for their Gunshot Detection Technology grant.

First Responder Grants Consultants assisted Mercer CPO with their request, application, and supporting materials. Not only did Mercer CPO receive their full request, the grant was also the third-highest amount awarded in New Jersey.

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