Get ready for AFG: What does your department need?

Conduct a needs assessment now

AFG is coming.

The question is, will your department be ready to hit the ground running when the Fire Service’s biggest grant opens for applications?

Get. Ready. Now.

And the way you get ready, is to know what you need. To know what you need, it’s time to conduct a needs assessment. We’re going to walk you through how.

New grant-writing training

National and Online Training for Public Safety Grant Writing

Join us in University Center, MI, Sept. 29-30, 2020

Two days of meat and potatoes grant-writing training!

We designed our training to turn you into a first-rate public safety grant writer. Presented in language you can understand and comprehend. Learn how to help your agency get the training, to get the grant, to get the gear!

Grant tips and more: Listen to us on the “Beyond the Call Podcast”

Beyond the Call Podcast talks with Margaret Stark of First Responder Grants

Senior Grants Consultant and First Responder Grants founder Margaret Stark shares her journey in starting First Responder Grants, and passes along key tips for securing grants.

You can hear Beyond the Call at SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Thank you to our friends at Beyond the Call, the National Police Credit Union, and the Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union for having us!

5 ways to get ready for grants


Join us online and in-person for the training that helps you tackle any grant

Spring and summer are perfect times to get ready for upcoming grants… and there are some big ones on the way.

Do you know “how to speak grants?”

Do you know how to convey what your agency needs?

Do you know how to back up your grant with the right data and story?

No matter your location, size, or need, odds are there is a grant program out there that can help you. And we can help you “get the training, that gets the grants, that gets the gear!”

Join us this summer for our national in-person grant-writing training. Or if those don’t work in your schedule, check out our online training too.

See you in the winner’s circle!

Mark your calendar – new grant-writing training!

August 22-23, 2019, Carpinteria, CA

Just added to the training calendar!

Join us in Carpinteria, CA, for 2 days of meat-and-potatoes grant-writing training. We’ve designed our training to turn you into a first-rate public safety grant writer.

Learn how to help your agency get the training, to get the grant, to get the gear!

Register early to hold your seat in class.

Grant writing at a Motor Speedway?

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

You know how we talk about how fast-paced the world of grants is?

That’s why it’s so perfect that you have a great opportunity to join us for a special grant-writing training on May 30-31, 2019.

New Hampshire’s Loudon Police Department has graciously arranged for us to host our training at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Come join us for two days of meat-and-potatoes grant writing training designed to turn you into a first-rate public safety grant writer. Presented in language you will understand.

Learn how to help your agency get the training, to get the grant, to get the gear!

See you at the track!

Image: © 2019 Speedway Motorsports, Inc.

New grant-writing training!

Public safety grant writing training in Urbana, Illinois

Join us for public safety grant-writing training

April 4-5, 2019, ILEAS Training Center, Urbana, IL

Just south of Chicago, our friends at Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) are once again opening their doors for 2 days of grant-writing training. First responders and public safety grant writers from around the country will be gathering for plain-talk, meat-and-potatoes training that gives you the ins and outs for writing competitive grants.

Start talking with your chief, captain, or municipal contacts now so your department can join us.

This training is April 4-5, 2019-a great way to get your 2019 grant efforts in full gear.

11 First Responder Grants Clients Win $2,557,552 in FY 2017 AFG, SAFER Fire Grant Awards

From coast to coast and in between, 11 First Responder Grants clients have won a combined $1,547,140 in fire grants from the FY 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program and the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER). These awards were announced as part of the AFG and SAFER fire grant awards announced during August 31, 2018, through September 14, 2018.

To-date First Responder Grants clients and students have won a combined $6,062,841 in fire grants under FY 2017 AFG, SAFER, and FP&S this year.

AFG, SAFER, and FP&S fire grants are administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“Whether hundreds of dollars or millions of dollars, these vital fire grant programs can aid your department with equipment, training, and staffing,” says Kurt Bradley, Senior Grants Consultant at First Responder Grants. “By having clear, compelling narratives, and applications that met program requirements, these eleven winners not only have reached the grant winner’s circle, they can now better protect their personnel and their communities.”

About First Responder Grants

Public safety agencies nationwide rely on First Responder Grants for grant writing training, grant consulting, and the latest news and tips and news for writing winning grant applications. Since 1998, our Certified Grants Consultants have helped public safety agencies like yours win over $2,000,000,000 in grant funding. Our grant writing training students learn to write competitive grants that bring home additional funding dollars to your agency, but that’s not all. Students receiving First Responder Grants training in grant writing maintain a documented +80% success rate at winning a grant award after attending our classes—many on their very first application.

Round 9 FY 2017 AFG Fire Grant Winners Announced

Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG)FEMA has announced Round 9 fire grant winners for the FY 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG). FEMA awarded 512 fire grants totaling $53,375,638, including:

  • Whitmer Volunteer Fire Department, Harman, WV, Operations and Safety, $743, Training ($780)
  • Carlin Volunteer Fire Department, Carlin, NV, Operations and Safety, $6,286, Training ($3,300)
  • Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Eagle, CO, Operations and Safety, $23,800, Wellness and Fitness Programs ($11,640)
  • Town Of Olean Vol. Fire Dept. District 1, Olean, NY, Operations and Safety, $100,062, Equipment ($10,550) || Personal Protective Equipment ($93,015)
  • Hopewell Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., Canandaigua, NY, Regional Request, $287,332, Equipment ($297,998)
  • Dorchester County Fire Rescue, Saint George, SC, Operations and Safety, $325,918, Modify Facilities ($222,930) || Wellness and Fitness Programs ($118,774)
  • Madison Township Fire Department, Mansfield, OH, Vehicle Acquisition, $406,192, Vehicle Acquisition ($425,001)
  • Clallam County Fire District No.3, Sequim, WA, Operations and Safety, $541,033, Personal Protective Equipment ($547,000)
  • Davenport Fire Department, Scott Street, IA, Operations and Safety, $612,369, Personal Protective Equipment ($665,300)
  • DuBois Volunteer Fire Department , DuBois, PA, Regional Request, $970,167, Equipment ($1,067,183)

Subsequent AFG fire grants will be announced on Fridays but may not occur every week. Check First Responder Grants each week for the latest AFG news.