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Grant Deadline: This program accepts applications on an ongoing basis.

100 Grants Available, Valued at $9,950 Each

Computerized Voice Analysis Software For Detection Of Deception & Credibility Assessment

Free DVSA v6.0© software is being provided for a limited time to law enforcement agencies as a public service through grants from the developer. Each grant is valued at $9,950. One hundred systems have been set-aside for grant awards. DVSA© may be installed in multiple computers.

What this grant does for your agency

“This is the most significant advancement in ‘lie detection’ since the invention of the old polygraph,” says E. Gary Baker, developer of DVSA©. “After nearly 38 years of my professional VSA and polygraph practice, voice biometrics research, and training government and military students around the world, we formulated this superior software upgrade. We utilized U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) validated VSA science, along with our proven testing protocols, in the development. Law enforcement professionals, engineers and examiners agree that no other system is so technologically advanced.”

The software instantly displays resulting streaming voice patterns as the subject speaks, voice spectrograph, physiological stress and Timed Antagonistic Response Alethiometer.

Unlike polygraph, uncomfortable sensors are not attached to the body. With DVSA© speech is analyzed to identify brain initiated deceptive responses and relative psychological stress. DVSA© v6.0 is valid, fast, accurate, utilizes advanced Fast Fourier Transform digital signal processing, and time-domain audio display in a fraction of a second. Proprietary scoring algorithms provide accurate analysis confirmation. On-screen standardized test questions are displayed. The software can be installed on any computer using the latest Microsoft operating systems. Unlimited digital capture of audio replaces the need for audio recorders.

DVSA© can be used live in detection-of-deception examinations, over the telephone, to verify truthfulness in cold-case audio recorded interviews, “public speech”, intelligence, technical surveillance intercepts, counterintelligence or interrogations. Drugs, health status, age and alcohol do not affect the results. There are no known countermeasures. Unlike over 60% of polygraph examinations DVSA does not have “inconclusive” results.

The five day academic-style Board Certified Examiner Training Course includes widely acclaimed behavioral analysis techniques for removal of defensive barriers, question preparation and after-test interrogation methods.

Over 3500 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. use VSA for truth verification and intelligence purposes. The prestigious U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY, utilized Baker’s methods and stress pattern quantifications in their studies which validated VSA technology at 100% accurate.

Agencies awarded the DVSA Voice Analysis Software Criminal Justice Grants receive a system for use by their department or agency. DVSA© may be installed in multiple computers.

Only a limited number of grants will be awarded.

The Law Enforcement Grant Program was developed in 2003 to assist law enforcement agencies overcome budget restrictions, and the often times overwhelming costs associated with acquiring and employing operationally efficient truth verification/ detection-of-deception system and highly skilled examiners.

Grant Eligibility

BAKER-DVSA©™ is “crime control technology” for law enforcement and government use only. Export is restricted by the U.S. Government.

About Baker Group International

Baker & Associates was established in 1975 and grew to become the Midwest’s most respected corporate investigative and loss prevention firm. Baker specialized in conducting legal investigations, truth verification examinations, vetting and psychological screening for law enforcement and nuclear power-generating facilities, and labor/ anti-racketeering consulting. E. Gary Baker was a pioneer in VSA development, working closely with the three inventors and early examiners in the 1970s.

Baker Group International was established in 2002 with a dedicated team of skilled individuals sharing a common vision – to develop and distribute the finest, state-of-the-art, voice analysis system to law enforcement, governments, military and intelligence units, while offering outstanding training and service with integrity and value. Today, Baker Group International associates continue to share that same commitment to developing far superior voice analysis systems. Many of Baker’s associates have over 25 years of experience in voice analysis within law enforcement or military. The team is devoted to improving VSA for every agency who utilizes credibility assessment or truth verification methods.

Grant Deadline

Grant applications may be submitted on an ongoing basis.


Grant applications are available by emailing [email protected] or by telephone, 888-666-0320. Details are available at www.BakerDVSA.com

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