FEMA Grant Outcomes (GO) Frequently Asked Questions

Updates from FEMA:

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

How do I register in FEMA GO?

Here are the registration instructions. FY 2018 Award Recipients will need to register in FEMA GO system to accept FY 2018 grant awards.

I have registered in FEMA GO, but I do not see my application?

Two Part Answer:

Part One. You must be assigned an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) or Organizational Member (OM) role in FEMA GO in order to gain access to an application or any task for that application. There are two ways to be assigned a role:

  • If you are the Electronic Business (eBiz) point of contact in SAM.gov for your organization, you can will be    assigned the AOR role by entering the DUNS information after you have logged in to your FEMA GO account, or.
  • If you are not the eBiz point of contact, you must be . Ask to be is to be assigned the as either the AOR or the OM  role by the AOR for your organization.

Part Two. Some applications must be manually linked to the registered AOR once the account is created. This process takes some time. There is a backlog for linking applications, but we hope to have them all completed soon.

The eBiz POC on our SAM account is not the POC for our grant, how do I become the AOR?

There are two options:

  • First option is to have the eBiz POC register in FEMA GO. Once they have registered and been assigned the AOR role, they can then add other AOR member and OM members to the organization.
  • If the eBIiz POC is no longer with the not with the organization any longer or does not wish to be the eBiz POC, you may will need to update your SAM.gov account. The new eBiz POC can now register in FEMA GO and will be assigned the AOR role for that organization.