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Bobbi Beers, Friendship Fire Company No. 1, Inc., Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania

New grant training in New England! Our friends at New Hampshire’s Berlin & Gorham FD are graciously hosting 2 days of grant-writing training for anyone in public safety, first responder, and emergency management.

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FEMA GO guide to apply for and manage grants

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

The Fund Finder News by Kurt Bradley

FEMA is transitioning its grant applications and grant management to a new system called the FEMA Grant Outcomes system, or FEMA GO. From now on, FEMA GO is how departments like yours will apply for and manage public safety grants such as Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG), Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response Grants (SAFER), and Fire Prevention & Safety Grants (FP&S).

How FEMA GO should benefit your organization

The intent behind FEMA GO is to have grants be managed in a more streamlined, user-friendly system. Over time, organizations like yours will be able to manage FEMA grants and other programs in one place.

This is a new system, and it is a big change. However, the new rules of the road are the new rules of the road. Once you are up and running, you should be ready to work in the new system to apply for and manage grants.

How to register on FEMA GO

Of course, first you’ve got to get set up.

For starters, the same E-BIZ contact for your department’s account has to set up your FEMA GO. (Note that FEMA GO doesn’t replace SAM but works in conjunction with SAM.)

FEMA has put together a step-by-step guide to help you register. According to FEMA, registering should take about 15 minutes.

Get the FEMA GO Registration Guide

Set up your organization and your grant writer on FEMA GO

As part of setting up your organization, you’ll also need to authorize your grant writer to be able to access any grants or applications in your account.

Once your account is set up, you’ll see a button that says “Add an AOR,” or, “Authorized Organizational Representative.” In order to access grants and account information relevant to your grants, you’ll need to add your grant writer as an AOR.

Important: An AOR is not the same thing as a contact. You can set up anyone as a contact, but contacts are not authorized to see, edit, or manage your grants and grant applications. Only AORs can view a grant and have access to the parts of the account they need in order to help with the grant.

The E-Biz contact who sets up the FEMA GO account must also set the AOR. In the case of the grant writer, the person must be set as an AOR, not simply as another grant contact.

Once the AOR is set, the AOR grant writer will be sent an email notification that they’ve been added as an AOR, and then the grant writer should be able to access your department’s grants in FEMA GO. 

Use FEMA GO to apply for grants, accept awards, and manage grants

FY 2018 AFG, SAFER, and FP&S are the first grants to be managed inside FEMA GO. As FY 2019 programs open for applications, those grants will also be applied for, monitored, and managed in FEMA GO. During 2020, departments can expect older grants under management to also be migrated into FEMA GO.

Updates for FEMA GO and FY 2019 fire grants

FEMA GO is a new system, and modifications and fixes are still underway.

As of Oct. 4, 2019, modules such as “Payment Request” are still in progress. Once deployed, this function will allow you to access and use your grant funds.

FY 2019 grant application periods will be announced at a later date. At this time, our understanding is that FY 2019 AFG will open during first week of December, and it will run through mid-January. Final dates have not been announced yet.

FEMA GO is a big change for how departments apply for and manage grants. However, before you know it .you can be up and running on FEMA GO, and hopefully new grants plus management of your current grants will be easier.

Questions or concerns? Contact our Certified Grant Consultants today.

FEMA Grant Outcomes (GO) Frequently Asked Questions

Updates from FEMA:

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

How do I register in FEMA GO?

Here are the registration instructions. FY 2018 Award Recipients will need to register in FEMA GO system to accept FY 2018 grant awards.

I have registered in FEMA GO, but I do not see my application?

Two Part Answer:

Part One. You must be assigned an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) or Organizational Member (OM) role in FEMA GO in order to gain access to an application or any task for that application. There are two ways to be assigned a role:

  • If you are the Electronic Business (eBiz) point of contact in for your organization, you can will be    assigned the AOR role by entering the DUNS information after you have logged in to your FEMA GO account, or.
  • If you are not the eBiz point of contact, you must be . Ask to be is to be assigned the as either the AOR or the OM  role by the AOR for your organization.

Part Two. Some applications must be manually linked to the registered AOR once the account is created. This process takes some time. There is a backlog for linking applications, but we hope to have them all completed soon.

The eBiz POC on our SAM account is not the POC for our grant, how do I become the AOR?

There are two options:

  • First option is to have the eBiz POC register in FEMA GO. Once they have registered and been assigned the AOR role, they can then add other AOR member and OM members to the organization.
  • If the eBIiz POC is no longer with the not with the organization any longer or does not wish to be the eBiz POC, you may will need to update your account. The new eBiz POC can now register in FEMA GO and will be assigned the AOR role for that organization.

Grant reports due Dec. 31 for AFG winners/grant managers

RECENT FEDERAL GRANT RECIPIENTS: Pay attention to the end-of-year reports that are due Dec. 31!

If you have a 2016 or 2017 grant award that is still within its performance period, several reports may be due, such as:

  • SEMI-ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORTS. If you are still within your performance period, remember that every 6 months (from your award date until your period of performance is expired) you must fill out a semi-annual performance report.
  • SF-425 REPORT must be filled out and submitted within 30 days of Dec. 31 and June 15 if you are still in your performance period.
  • FINAL CLOSEOUT REPORTS. If your grant was awarded for 2015, 2016, or 2017, there is still no closeout module available to fill out. Just ignore till a 2015, 2016, or 2017 email regarding same is posted by AFG stating that the report closeout module is available.

Filing these reports is critical to keeping your award and staying “in the good books” with FEMA. Make sure you hit that Dec. 31 deadline!

FY2014 AFG, FY2012 SAFER, FY2013 FP&S closeout modules now available from FEMA

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

The following Closeout modules are now available for Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFGP) award recipients:

  • FY2014 Assistance to Firefighters Grants
  • FY2012 Staffing for Adequate Assistance Fire & Emergency Response Grants
  • FY2013 Fire Prevention & Safety Grants

Attention all AFGP grant award recipients

In accordance with 44 CFR §13.50 (b), your organization has no later than 90 days after the end date of the period of performance to submit your closeout report. However, due to the delay in the availability of the closeout modules, you will have 90 days from May 23, 2017 to submit your closeout report for the grants specified above. If you require assistance with your closeout report, please review the closeout tutorial ( or call the AFG help desk at 1-866-274-0960.

Procurement Activity Suspension and Debarment

For all grants awarded on or after December 26, 2014:

All procurement activity must be conducted in accordance with Federal Procurement Standards at 2 C.F.R. § 200.317 – 200.326. If you use a contractor under an AFG grant, you must verify that the contractor is not suspended or debarred from participating in specified federal procurement or non-procurement transactions pursuant to 2 CFR § 180.300. You may search for any suspensions or debarments at

Period of Performance

Additionally, FEMA highly recommends that you do not enter into any contracts prior to the start date of the grant period of performance. Only costs incurred between the period of performance start and end dates are allowable for reimbursement. Fees for grant writers are considered an exception and may be included as a pre-award expenditure.