FEMA releases 2022 National Preparedness Report

NIMS Alert 01-23

FEMA released the 2022 National Preparedness Report, revealing the impacts that climate change and associated natural disasters continue to have on emergency management capabilities and communities across the country. 

The report focuses on:

  • The nation’s changing risk environment, driven by climate change, physical and technological vulnerabilities, and inequity;
  • Preparedness indicators and measurements of national capability levels; and
  • Management opportunities that can assist communities in managing risks and addressing capability gaps. 

The report identifies the challenges that emergency managers face in addressing a changing risk environment and how they can meet those challenges to help achieve a more prepared nation.

Emergency managers and whole community partners across the nation can look to this year’s report to help support decisions about program priorities, resource allocations, and community actions.

View the 2022 Preparedness Report

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