Have you called for backup?

Our Annual Grant Services Package keeps us in your corner all year

Whether you are involved with a Police, Sheriff, Corrections, Criminal Justice or any other type of Law Enforcement Agency, or a Fire/Rescue Service, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Ambulance or Emergency Management Agency (EMA), you are facing problems with:

  • Personnel cuts or impending layoffs
  • Lack of training funds
  • No budget to purchase personal safety equipment or tools associated with any of these vocations
  • Aging fleets of emergency response vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, SWAT vehicles, mobile command post or squad cars
  • Getting the most out of your limited budgets
  • Obsolete computer hardware and software, but no budget for IT improvements that meet today’s technology demands
  • Communications equipment including, radios, base stations, repeaters, MDTs or pagers

If this sounds like your agency, you need grants. But you also know that getting grants isn’t easy. How do you get the funding you need?

Our Annual Grant Services Package keeps First Responder Grants in your corner all year. Our Grant Consultants will help you with up to 4 grant application reviews, unlimited consultations, and more, all for one single all-in-one package price…

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