2020 Mobile Forensics Training Grants

Build Better Cases and Increase Conviction Rates

Grant Website, Guidelines, and Application

Grant Deadline: Mar. 2, 2020

Law Enforcement training for Mobile Forensics Software

Law enforcement agencies are having trouble keeping up with increasing amounts of cases involving cell phone data. Agencies have to ship cell phones to outside sources for their mobile forensic needs. This is time-consuming and can lead to a loss of data or legal precedence.

What this grant does for your agency

The Susteen Mobile Forensics Training Grant allows law enforcement agencies the ability to acquire their own mobile forensic software at steeply discounted prices , Agencies can now obtain multiple licenses and receive training with the grant.

New for 2020: Recent surveys have shown that obtaining evidence data in the field is now a top priority for law enforcement agencies. The new field triage device can be acquired as part of this program or by itself.

Agencies awarded the 2020 Mobile Forensics Training Grants receive training and software licenses for mobile forensics.

Expected Number of Awards: 50

Only a limited number of grants will be awarded.

Grant Eligibility

For full eligibility details, see the Grant Guidelines:

  • Qualified Agencies should have less than 160 sworn officers/deputies.
  • Qualified Agency shall have a need for mobile forensic software or training.
  • Agency employee must be able to attend on-demand training for up-to 12 hours (does not need to be continuous) of total time.

About the Susteen

Founded in 1992 by Hiro Maruyama, Susteen, Inc. is an international design solution provider located in Southern California and specializing in the area of mobile data communications and computing. Susteen develops products that provide their clients value through technological innovations. More

Grant Deadline

Grant applications are due no later than Mar. 2, 2020.


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