FD takes home type V forestry truck thanks to AFG grant

First AFG vehicle award in New Hampshire since 2018

There’s nothing like the satisfaction when a department gets the gear they need to help them protect their personnel and their community better.

Our friends at New Hampshire’s Tamworth FD recently took delivery of a beast of a new apparatus. Funding their award? A $180K AFG grant for their type V forestry truck:

“Final inspection is now complete with no issues found at the factory. Assistant Chief Matt Baumann and Firefighter Zach Remick will be making the 1200 mile journey home with it. We look forward to being able to place the truck in service to serve the town for many years to come. Special thanks goes to Alexis Fire Equipment Company Lakes Region Fire Apparatus Inc First Responder Grants, LLC and all of our town residents for making this happen.”

Congratulations, Tamworth FD!

And to you reading this, your turn could be next. What grants are you going for this year and next year?

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