Grant training: Our next live Zoom class is May 24–25

If you’re ready to raise your grant-writing game, we’ve got your covered… and there’s no travel required!

Our online training covers the same “meat and potatoes” grant ins and outs as our in-person nationwide sessions. It’s also live, and you’ll have opportunities to engage directly with your instructor. Plus, it’s all online, so there are no travel costs to budget or seek approval for.

  • Learn where to hunt grants that are for public safety agencies
  • Ensure your agency is eligible to accept grant money
  • Write clear, concise, and effective grant applications
  • See examples of real-world, winning grants
  • Understand what RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and NOFOs (Notices of Funding Opportunity) are… and what they’re asking for
  • Break down “grant speak” into real talk you and your superiors can understand

Get the skills you need to write a competitive grant application that can win your agency crucial funding, equipment, personnel, and more. Not only that, First Responder Grants students maintain a documented +80% success rate at winning a grant award after attending our training… many on their very first application.

Our next online training is May 24–25

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