Paramedicine, smoke ejectors & PPE: 3 First Responder Grants clients win fire grants

Fire service organizations around the country have been awarded crucial fire grants under the FY 2021 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) as well as other programs. Here are 3 fire grants awarded to First Responder Grants clients and students:

Paramedicine program

Wabash Township, Indiana, has been awarded $315,000 from the State of Indiana. This fire grant fills a funding need that enables Wabash to start a paramedicine Mobile Integrated Health Program in the community.

“The amount of services that we can provide are kind of held back because of finances,” EMS Division Chief Shari Hertz WLFI Channel 18 News, “this is actually going to give us the financial ability to accomplish the things we want to accomplish.”

Smoke ejectors

In New England, the Laconia Fire Department in New Hampshire received a $30,000 fire grant under the FY 2021 AFG program. Laconia will use these funds to procure and put in service battery-operated smoke ejectors.

PPE: Firefighting gloves and hoods

Also in New England, Maine’s Kennebunk Fire-Rescue has been awarded an equipment fire grant for $14,889. This award, also part of the FY 2021 AFG, will allow the department to purchase firefighting gloves and hoods.

“When fire service organizations win grants like these, they can provide better protection and service to their communities,” said First Responder Grants Consultant Greg Bavis. “This is FEMA at its best.”

Image Credit © Copyright 2023 Allen Media Broadcasting, WLFI Channel 18