AFG applications down from previous year

FEMA numbers show a drop in the number of submitted applications received

The largest fire grant program in the country, FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program remains one of the most popular and competitive fire grants. However, the FY 2022 AFG application period closed in February 2022 with nearly a thousand fewer applications than FY 2021. But what does that mean for your fire department?

FY 2022 AFG Application Data

The application period for the FY 2022 AFG Awards closed on February 10, 2023.

The FY 2021 program received approximately 8,300 applications. According to FEMA, here is a breakdown of the applications received under the FY 2022 AFG fire grant application period:

Department TypeSubmitted Total Requested
All Paid/Career1425$879,470,417.21
All Volunteer3161$786,572,879.54
Combination (Majority Paid/Career)880$331,694,200.50
Combination (Majority Volunteer)1840$580,849,884.52
State Fire Training Academy31$12,507,631.43
Grand Total7337$2,591,095,013.20

What do these numbers mean for your fire service organization?

Even with a drop in application numbers, AFG remains one of the country’s most popular fire grants. It also remains one of the best opportunities for fire service organizations to secure additional funding.

A drop in application numbers means one thing:

Start getting ready for the next application period.

No matter how many applications AFG receives, any year could be your year to secure a coveted AFG fire grant. But only if you apply.

The end of one grant period is an ideal time to lay your groundwork for the next application period. Conduct a needs assessment. Match your needs with “high priority” needs under the program’s terms. Develop a compelling narrative that paints a vivid picture of why your department has a high level of need for a grant.

However many departments apply for an AFG fire grant, many will lose—but many will win. Next time, one of those winners could be your department, but only if you apply.

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