Round 10 FY 2017 SAFER Fire Jobs Grant Winners Announced

Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) GrantsFEMA has announced Round 10 fire jobs grant winners for the FY 2017 Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) Grants program. FEMA awarded 18 fire service hiring grants totaling $19,655,982, including:

  • Garfield Fire Department, Garfield, NJ, Recruitment, $88,000
  • Micro Volunteer Fire Department, Micro, NC, Recruitment, $213,792
  • Mason County Fire District #4, Shelton, WA, Hiring, $336,753
  • Hardin County Emergency Services District #2, Lumberton, TX, Hiring, $488,874
  • Pelham Fire Department, Pelham, NH, Hiring, $682,991
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs, Fairfax, VA, Recruitment, $1,017,513
  • Pelham Fire Department, Pelham, AL, Hiring, $1,334,465
  • Gila River Indian Community Fire Department, Chandler, AZ, Hiring, $2,565,469
  • University City Fire Department, University City, MO, Hiring, $1,914,395
  • Coppell Fire Department, Coppell, TX, Hiring, $2,893,637

Subsequent SAFER fire jobs grants will be announced on Fridays but may not occur every week. Check First Responder Grants each week for the latest SAFER fire grant news.