Community policing and police grants

New police grants: Justice Department Announces $40 Million in Funding to Advance Community Policing and $5 Million in Funding for the Collaborative Reform Initiative

Police grant news from the Department of Justice DoJ Press Release Today, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the availability of approximately $40 million in … Read More

Community policing and police grants

Police grants: 4 Community Policing Development (CPD) grants open for July 2021

From the COPS office, Law Enforcement Agencies can apply for 4 different Community Policing Development (CPD) grants: Crisis Intervention Teams De-Escalation Training Solicitation Accreditation Tolerance, … Read More

32 police grants open now from BJA, NIJ, OJJDP, and OVC

New law enforcement grant opportunities Police grants, body armor grants, criminal justice grants, and more Police grant news from OJP The following 32 law enforcements … Read More

June 2021 police grants: 5 COPS grants fund and enhance community policing

Funding available for anti-heroin/meth efforts, LEO mental health, school violence prevention, and career officer hiring COPS police grants are open! The 5 DoJ grants below … Read More

Police grants: Revised DoJ guidance may impact your COPS grants

Release from COPS office IMPORTANT: REVISED GUIDANCE IMPACTING YOUR DOJ COPS GRANT AWARD Consistent with an April 14, 2021 Attorney General memorandum, the Department of … Read More

Mental health, anti-meth, and anti-heroin: Justice Department opens 3 law enforcement grants totaling $58 million

Release from the Department of Justice Justice Department Releases $58 Million in Solicitations to Combat the Distribution of Illicit Drugs and Improve Officer Wellness The … Read More

Law Enforcement Agencies: Have you followed these 5 steps from the COPS grants office?

In order to apply for COPS Office funding, please prepare by taking the following actions The Department of Justice’s COPS Office is a leading source … Read More

Tribal Community Policing Grants: FY2021 DoJ COPS Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS)

Implement and enhance community policing in Tribal Nations Grant Website Grant Guidelines Opportunity Number: O-BJA-2021-60008 Competition ID: C-BJA-2021-60008 Grant Deadline: The deadline for … Read More


Law Enforcement: Your Checklist for the NCJRS JustGrants/ASAP transition

JustGrants is coming: Are you ready? The transition to the Justice Grants System (JustGrants) and the Department of the Treasury‚Äôs Automated Standard Application for Payments … Read More

Gearing up for 2021 COPS Grants?

6 steps to prepare From hiring programs to anti-drugs programs, mental health to community policing, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) helps … Read More

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