Tax Credit Proposed for Volunteer First Responders

From and First Responder Grants

Two Congressman have introduced legislation to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide a charitable deduction for the service of volunteer firefighters and emergency medical and rescue personnel.

“I have been proposing this type of solution for many years in my classes,” says Kurt Bradley, Senior Grant Consultant at First Responder Grants, “and it looks like finally a US Congressman has proposed a bill to do exactly what I have been saying: give a tax credit to first responders who volunteer in their communities.”

According to Chief Philip C. Stittleburg, Chairman of the National Volunteer Fire Council, “This common sense bill would help bolster staffing in volunteer public safety agencies by allowing responders to claim a portion of the value of the services they donate each year as a charitable donation.”

The full story is available from Iowa, West Virginia Congressmen Propose Bill to Help Emergency First Responders |

“Write a letter and support this bill,” says Bradley. “Have your US Congressional Representatives and Senators get behind it, now!”