Easy-to-follow grant listings show you programs available for your department and tell you when deadlines loom.


Thousands of grants are available, but not every grant is the right fit for your department. How can you sift through all those grants, without wasting time and getting overwhelmed, yet still find what you need?


Now all students and AGSP clients will receive a free 6 month Vertical GrantFinder license. 

Like Google for grants


GrantFinder is like Google for grants. Powerful search features help you zero in on the exact programs that your department can benefit from and that fit your circumstances. Get your free 6 month Vertical GrantFinder. 


What is Vertical GrantFinder? 


The vertical version will give you access to grant for your area of discipline only. Example: If you are a fire dept. you will see grants available for fire only, law enforcement you will see grants for law enforcement only, etc. 



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How do you find the public safety grants you need?


GrantFinder search page - Use up to 10 options to narrow or broaden your search


A database that contains thousands of grants has to be easily searchable. Searching isn't always as easy as tapping a button, though. Sometimes you need to really refine and target what you're looking for, so you have a better chance at finding a good fit.


That's why GrantFinder provides powerful yet simple tools to help you focus your search, including:


  • Keyword
  • Grant Category
  • Funder Type
  • Funder Name
  • Application Deadline
  • Rolling Deadline
  • Matching Requirement?
  • Administering State
  • Geographic Coverage
  • Who Can Apply?


Instead of page after page of possibilities, you can search based solely on what you need and what's relevant to your department.


Of course, you have other duties to attend to and can’t be expected to be searching in GrantFinder all the time. That’s why GrantFinder can be working for you even when you aren’t using it.


With Grant Alerts, you can tell GrantFinder to send you weekly emails, specific to your grant needs, that keep you up to date.


You found a grant... now what?


Use GrantFinder's Calendar view to show you grants by their application deadline


Just because you found a grant doesn't mean you're ready to apply for it. You may need to get information ready. You might need to talk with your superiors, other personnel at your department or municipality, or with your consultant at First Responder Grants. Or, heck, you just might not have the time right then and there.


Does that mean you have to start your search all over?




With "My Grants" and the "Grant Calendar," once you find a grant you can save it and come back to it later.


My Grants is also useful for when you find many programs that could be a good fit for your department. You can save all the programs you want, and come back one by one as timing and circumstances fit.


Search grant funding sources


Examples of public safety grants that have been available in the state of Minnesota


Did you hear about a particular funding source? Do you want a better idea of what types of programs are available from a grant funder?


By looking through grant funding sources, you can find at-a-glance details on all the programs available from any grant funding source in the GrantFinder database.


Finding grants has never been easier


When it comes down to it, finding grants has never been easy... until now.


GrantFinder can't write your application for you—that’s why we are here to help. But GrantFinder can make it a lot easier for you to find the grants that are a good fit for your department. Take advantage of their database of thousands of grants, robust search tools, and saved grant listings, all right here, at special pricing available only for First Responder Grants clients and students:


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