Round 5 FY 2017 AFG Fire Grant Winners Announced

Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG)FEMA has announced Round 5 fire grant winners for the FY 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG). FEMA awarded 86 fire grants totaling $8,289,324, including:

  • Benton New Hamburg Commerce Fire Protection District, Benton, MO, Operations and Safety, $1,334, Training ($1,400)
  • City of Fort Dodge Fire Department, Fort Dodge, IA, Regional Request, $10,257, Equipment ($11,282)
  • Northern Monroe County Fire Protection Territory, Bloomington, IN, Operations and Safety, $33,997, Wellness and Fitness Programs ($35,696)
  • Village of Homewood Fire Department , Homewood , IL, Operations and Safety, $58,210, Modify Facilities ($54,998) || Training ($6,120)
  • New Castle Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc., New Castle , KY, Operations and Safety, $80,477, Personal Protective Equipment ($83,000)
  • Fishing River Fire Protection District, Mosby, MO, Regional Request, $162,858, Equipment ($169,500)
  • Nelson County Fire and Rescue, Bardstown, KY, Operations and Safety, $190,546, Personal Protective Equipment ($209,600)
  • Center Point Fire District, Birmingham, AL, Regional Request, $331,367, Training ($364,003)
  • Clark County Fire District 3, Brush Prairie, WA, Operations and Safety, $408,560, Personal Protective Equipment ($416,125)
  • Fall River Fire Department, Fall River, MA, Operations and Safety, $416,366, Training ($458,002)

Subsequent AFG fire grants will be announced on Fridays but may not occur every week. Check First Responder Grants each week for the latest AFG news.