AFG FY 2020 Round 1 fire grant winners announced


27 AFG fire grants totaling $3,670,509 awarded June 11, 2021

FEMA has announced Round 1 FY 2020 AFG fire grant winners:

AFG fire grant appropriation for 2020

  • Total: $319,500,00
  • Operations and Safety: $230,040,000
  • Vehicles: $79,875,000
  • Fire Academy: $9,585,000

Round 1 fire grant awards

  • OPS: 27 awards, $3,670,509
  • VEH: 0 awards, $0
  • FA: 0 awards, $0

Total Awards To Date: 27 awards, totaling $3,670,509

Estimated remaining funds:

  • OPS: $226,369,491
  • VEH: $79,875,000
  • FA: $9,585,000

An estimated 1,665 fire grants may remain to be awarded. Thank you to onebugle for compiling these statistics.

AFG awards are typically released on Fridays. Check back here regularly for more updates, and visit FEMA’s AFG Awards page to see all winners from this year and previous award periods.

FEMA: Fire grant extensions authorized


FEMA authorizes performance extensions for FY 2019 SAFER, FP&S and FY 2020 AFG-S Programs

Wondering about deadlines for FEMA fire grant performance and reporting requirements?

The FEMA Grant Programs Directorate has authorized a 12-month extension to the period of performance for the following grant programs:

  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) awards with an initial period of performance of 12 months.
  • FY 2019 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) awards with an initial period of performance of 12 months.
  • FY 2020 Assistance to Firefighters Grant COVID-19 Supplemental (AFG-S) and (AFG-S2) programs.

FEMA will automatically provide the extension to the current end of the period of performance for the grant awards listed in Informational Bulletin (IB) 463. In addition, FEMA is delaying the timelines for required reports, see IB 463 for complete details.

For more information, please contact your AFG Program Preparedness Officer (PO) or the AFG Program Help Desk at [email protected] or (866) 274-0960, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET.

AFG Fire Grant Alert: Modifications to the FY 2019 AFG Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and FY 2019 AFG Awards


Alert from FEMA

The attached FEMA Information Bulletin (IB) No. 461 modifies the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program reporting, period of performance, and amendment requirements contained in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) acknowledges the delays in the successful deployment of grants management functionality for reporting and amendments via the FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO) system. In response, FEMA is providing a one-time, 12-month extension to all FY 2019 AFG Program awards. Further, FEMA is delaying the timelines for required financial and performance reports. Please review the attached Information Bulletin for full details.

You are receiving this message as the primary point of contact for a FY 2019 AFG grant. You are encouraged to share this information with anyone in your organization responsible for managing any FY 2019 AFG grant(s).

If you have any questions regarding the attached Information Bulletin, you can contact your AFG Preparedness Officer (PO) or the AFG Help Desk at [email protected] or (866) 274-0960.

View & download the PDF

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Download the free FEMA GO Account Creation Guide

If you’re applying to or receiving any sort of grant program from FEMA, you have to have a FEMA GO account. But… how do you set one up? Fortunately, FEMA has laid out the account creation process in a free PDF.

Start setting up your FEMA GO account today, and you’ll be ready to apply for, receive, and manage your FEMA grants:

FEMA K0705 Fundamentals of Grants Management Virtual 2021 Schedule

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Online Grants Management Training Course For FEMA Grant Recipients Coming Soon

From FEMA, strengthen your grant management skills by participating in one of the upcoming online training opportunities developed for FEMA grant recipients.

K0705 Fundamentals of Grants Management

The Grants Management Technical Assistance (GMTA) team will deliver 10 virtual K0705 Fundamentals of Grants Management courses throughout 2021. The course is intended for FEMA’s grant recipients and subrecipients. It helps participants strengthen their grants management skills. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve collaboration among policy, program, and financial staff to integrate grant management functions.  
  • Identify applicable regulations and navigate and apply the Code of Federal Regulations, including 2 CFR Part 200.
  • Apply proven business practices related to the grant lifecycle to increase efficiency and meet grant management priorities, such as strategic planning, organization, program implementation, staff training, monitoring, reporting, and audits.
  • Develop or revise policies, procedures, and practices in critical areas of grants management, such as monitoring, procurement, source documentation, payments, and equipment inventory.
  • Prepare for federal monitoring and sub-recipient monitoring.

The course is a four-week session and includes:

  • 21 hours of online instruction
  • 14 hours of independent study and homework assignments
  • Hands on activities and networking break-out room

NOTE: FEMA encourages registration for recipients and others who were scheduled for the in-person field delivery for K/L 0705 course that was canceled due to COVID-19 during 2020.

The 2021 schedule is below. Please review the course dates and identify the best date for you to attend. Then, submit your online registration directly to Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI’s) online admissions system (Full link: You must submit your admission form no later than the specified Registration Close Date for your session, which is in the table below.

Submit questions to: [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in grants management!

K0705 Course DatesScheduleOrientation Dates (participants must attend one session)Registration Close Date
February 22 – March 18, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,1 -3 PM ETFebruary 16, 17, 18January 29
March 1 – March 25, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETFebruary 23, 24, 25February 5
April 19 – May 13, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,2 – 4 PM ETApril 13, 14, 15March 23
May 3 – May 27, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETApril 27, 28, 29March 31
June 7 – July 1, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,2 – 4 PM ETMay 19, 20, 25April 23
July 12 – August 5, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETJune 29, 30 and July 7June 11
July 26 – August 19, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,2 – 4 PM ETJuly 20, 21, 22June 25
August 9 – September 2, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETJuly 28 and August 3, 4July 1
September 13 – October 8, 2021Mondays and Thursdays2 – 4 PM ETAugust 31 and September 8, 9August 6
October 18 – November 10, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETOctober 6, 13, 14September 17

FY 2021 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S)

Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S) Grants

$35.5 million for fire safety and prevention programs

Application Period

Opens: Monday, January 25, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. ET
Closes: Friday, February 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. ET

Grant Website

Grant Guidelines

Funding Opportunity Number: DHS-20-GPD-044-00-97

Assistance Listings (formerly Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number): 97.044

Grant Deadline: February 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. ET

100 fire safety grants projected

The FP&S Program provide financial assistance directly to eligible fire departments, national, regional, state, local, tribal and non-profit organizations such as academic (e.g., universities), public health, occupational health, and injury prevention institutions for fire prevention programs and supporting firefighter health and safety research and development.

The FP&S Program represents one part of a comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by DHS. Among the five basic homeland security missions noted in the DHS Strategic Plan, the FP&S Program supports the goal to Strengthen National Preparedness and Resilience. In awarding grants, the FEMA Administrator is required to consider:

  • The findings and recommendations of the Technical Evaluation Panel;
  • The degree to which an award will reduce deaths, injuries, and property damage by reducing the risks associated with fire related and other hazards; and
  • The extent of an applicant’s need for an FP&S Program grant and the need to protect the United States as a whole.

The 2018-2022 FEMA Strategic Plan creates a shared vision for the field of emergency management and sets an ambitious, yet achievable, path forward to unify and further professionalize emergency management across the country. The FP&S Program supports the goal of Readying the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters. We invite all of our stakeholders and partners to also adopt these priorities and join us in building a stronger Agency and a more prepared and resilient Nation.

What this grant does for your agency

The objectives of the FP&S Program are to provide critically needed resources to carry out fire prevention education and training, fire code enforcement, fire/arson investigation, firefighter safety and health programming, prevention efforts, and research and development.

Agencies awarded the FY 2021 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S) receive funds toward programs that aid their departments and communities in fire safety and fire prevention efforts.

Estimated Total Program Funding: $35.5 million

Projected Number of Awards: 100

Only a limited number of grants will be awarded.

Grant Eligibility

For full eligibility details, see the Grant Guidelines.

About FEMA

FEMA’s mission is helping people before, during and after disasters. FEMA’s core values and guiding principles help us achieve it. More

Grant Deadline

Grant applications are due no later than 5 p.m. ET, Feb. 26, 2021.


Apply for the FY 2021 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S)

FEMA announces 2020 grant updates, opening dates for AFG, FP&S, and SAFER

Get ready for 2020 AFG, FP&S, and SAFER! FEMA is releasing details for upcoming grants. Start getting ready, but remember, dates and details are subject to change. Stay tuned!


  • FY 2020 AFG will open in late November 2020 (possibly Nov. 23 or Nov. 30)
  • The application period is expected to run through the holidays and close during the first week of January 2021.
  • NOFO is expected to be released soon, and be similar to the 2019 NOFO
  • Yes, you can hit “print!” AFG applications can be printed: Go in FEMA GO, pull up your application, and press CTRL-P


  • FY 2020 Fire Prevention & Safety grant program will open in January of 2021
  • NOFOs when available can be found at
  • Deadline is expected to be in February 2021.

FEMA does not yet know the parameters of the FY 2020 grant programs.


  • FY 2020 SAFER grant program open in February of 2021
  • In consideration of the economic impact of the pandemic, FEMA has also authorized waivers for certain provisions of the FY20 SAFER Grant Program
  • Expected deadline is during March 2021
  • No cost match expected
  • Departments may be able to to apply to restore firefighters laid off due to the COVID pandemic

FEMA also says…

All AFG, SAFER and Fire Prevention applications and grant awards will be through the new FEMA GO system.

  • MOST IMPORTANT – Make sure that your SAM.GOV registration is and remains ACTIVE during the period of performance of your grant.
  • ALSO IMPORTANT – PLEASE be sure to update SAM and FEMA GO if there are changes in your AOR. (Authorized Organization Representative)
  • Make sure your FEMA GO registration is good to go NOW.

Questions? Need help with your fire grants?

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Closing Soon: AFG-S 2 FY 2020 COVID 19 For Volunteer/Combination Departments

Supplemental AFG-S Application Period Ends Nov. 13, 2020, at 5 p.m. ET

Reminder from FEMA! The second AFG-S COVID-19/coronavirus application period closes soon!

Ask the Help Desk

See commonly asked questions about the AFG-S 2 application below:

Question 1. Item eligibility: Are items such as self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), EMS jackets/pants, decontamination equipment, personnel costs, and fitness equipment eligible under the grant?

Answer: The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) specifies the type of PPE that is applicable under the grant, and can be found below or in the chart on page 26 of the NOFO.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) List – Funding Priorities

COVID-19 Response

  • Eye Protection – Appropriately fitted, indirectly vented goggles or single use disposable face shield that fully covers the front and sides of the face.
  • Isolation Gowns – Nonsterile, single use fluid-resistant and impermeable patient isolation gown.
  • Protective Coveralls – 360-degree protection of whole body, including the back, lower legs and feet.
  • Gloves – Patient examination gloves.
  • Footwear Covers – Single use, disposable medical footwear covers.
  • Respirators – Any NIOSH-approved particulate respirator (i.e., N-95 or higher-level respirator). Includes the purchase of filters appropriate for use.
  • Surgical Type Face Masks – loose-fitting, single use disposable physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer to allow fire and EMS personnel to meet CDC recommendations and/or state mandates for face covering when in a public setting other than direct patient contact.
  • Other supplies are also eligible, however will be considered a lower priority than items listed above. Examples include:
    • Decontamination supplies and services for PPE, station-quarters, and vehicles.
    • Replacement High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters and other types of disposable filtration supplies used on EMS respiratory and/or ventilator equipment.
    • Personally-issued antiseptic hand washes, antiseptic hand rubs such as alcohol-based hand sanitizers , foams or gels, and reasonable refill supply.

Questions 2. Item classification:  How much leeway is there classifying an item under a category? – For example, whether EMS jackets/pants would correlate to “coveralls” in the NOFO?

Answer:  It depends. The eligible items are specific to the authorization language, which only allows for the purchase of PPE used in response or preparation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency. Applicants would need to justify how the purchase of the PPE directly relates to the COVID-19 response.

Question 3. Reimbursement: How can I get reimbursed for supplies I have already purchased?

Answer: Reimbursements are eligible for the purchase of PPE dating back to Jan 1, 2020. However, the items must also align with the eligible items list; see chart above.


The AFG-S 2 grant program application is available online through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program’s FEMA GO (FEMA Grants Outcomes) application portal at

All users have their own FEMA GO account. Each account is specific to the authorized user and must not be shared with other personnel. A FEMA GO Account Creation User Guide can be viewed on the AFGP website or downloaded to your computer. An application number will be assigned when the application is started. Be sure to write it down for future reference.  

NOTE:  When completing the Applicant Information section, the “applicant name” should be the name of the fire department or organization applying for the grant, not the name of the person who is completing the application.

To start the application process, we recommend that you review the AFG-S 2 NOFO and Application Technical Assistance Tools found on the AFG website under Guidance Documents.

New FEMA Grant File Documentation and Recordkeeping Tool

Get to know these Grant File Documentation and Recordkeeping Tools

FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate (GPD), Grants Management Technical Assistance (GMTA) program launched the Grants Management Digital Resource Center in partnership with the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), to provide information and resources to support the  grants management lifecycle. These tools are for Non Federal Entities (NFE) who receive federal financial assistance from FEMA.

The Grant File Documentation and Recordkeeping Tools is a new tool that has been added. This tool includes:

  • Grant File Management Guide
  • Organizational Template 
  • Checklist

Tools have been created to highlight documentation management and retention practices for NFE’s to follow. These tools also recommend different types of documents that NFE’s may need to track the lifecycle of their grants.

FEMA encourages you to explore this page/site and share relevant resources with recipients and stakeholders as appropriate. GMTA will continue to update the Digital Resource Center  at with new information and resources, so check back often to see what has been added.

For any questions, please contact: [email protected]

Go to the FEMA Grants Management Digital Resource Center

ATTENTION all FY 2018 SAFER grantees


Changes in SAFER grant reporting requirements

Good news for SAFER grantees!

FEMA is delaying the timelines for required reports that FY 2018 SAFER grantees are responsible for submitting:

“Submittal of the Federal Financial Report (SF-425) and Quarterly Performance Reports will be completed within the FEMA GO system and is deferred until the system functionality has been successfully deployed. Recipients will be provided with a timeline for submission of these reports as soon as it is available.”

Full details from FEMA (PDF)

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