New Hampshire FD wins fire grant for forestry truck

First AFG vehicle award in New Hampshire since 2018

During recent award rounds for the Assistance to Firefighters Grants, New Hampshire’s Tamworth Fire Department brought home a big win.

In the first AFG vehicle award in The Granite State since 2018, Tamworth FD was awarded $179,937 for a Type V forestry truck.

“Vehicle acquisitions are one of the most challenging grants to win,” says Greg Bavis, Grants Consultant for First Responder Grants. “With the right grant-writing training, a compelling narrative, and a thorough, data-driven application, any department can bring home a grant that helps their operations and benefits their community.”

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Respond to wildland fires for populations under 10,000? This fire grant is just for you

2 wildland firefighters spray water on a wildland fire

FY2020 Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant Program

Respond to wildland fires for populations under 10,000? The FY2020 Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) Grant Program fire grant is just for you.

50/50 matching wildland fire grants to Fire Departments serving populations under 10,000

For Fire Service Organizations protecting populations under 10,000, the USDA and US Forestry Service (USFS) has a special fire grant program just for you.

With an FY 2020 budget of $18 million, the Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) grant program funds 50/50 matching grants for volunteer and combination fire departments. Eligible programs include:

  • Equipment procurement for wildland firefighting
  • Firefighter training
  • Planning and preparedness activities

Detail, deadlines, and other requirements may vary by state. To learn more and apply for a VFA grant: