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Our new, all-online, 2-day grant-writing training starts Mon., Feb. 1, and “seats” are still available.

We’re excited to bring you this new way to get our grant-writing training. For one all-inclusive price of $499, you’ll be able to…

  • Interact with your colleagues and the instructors
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  • Write clear, concise, and effective grant applications
  • See examples of real-world, winning grants
  • Understand what RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and NOFOs (Notices of Funding Opportunity) are… and what they’re asking for
  • Break down “grant speak” into real talk you and your superiors can understand

Once you’ve finished our training, you’ll be able to write competitive grants, like these previous students:

“The Northwest Fire District received a $3.1M regional Assistance to Firefighters Grant award for dual-band radios & repeaters that will benefit 10 agencies operating in and around Tucson, AZ.”

“We were awarded the grant for the new Livescan fingerprint machine and KLER records management interface. Between these and past awards, we’ve received over $410,000 in grant funding. Figured you like to know when you successfully assist students.”

“Highest grant success rate in the history of our agency.”

Seats are still available! We’ll see you Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 1–2, on Zoom:

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GRANT ALERT! Fire safety & prevention grant open now

Apply by Feb. 26

With $35.5M available, FP&S is a FEMA grant that provides funding for your department’s fire safety and prevention programs.

100 grant awards are projected, providing Fire Service organizations with critical direct resources for:

  • Fire prevention education and training
  • Fire code enforcement
  • Fire/arson investigation
  • Firefighter safety and health programming
  • Prevention efforts
  • Research and development

Application deadline: Feb. 26, 2021

Learn more and apply

FEMA K0705 Fundamentals of Grants Management Virtual 2021 Schedule

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Online Grants Management Training Course For FEMA Grant Recipients Coming Soon

From FEMA, strengthen your grant management skills by participating in one of the upcoming online training opportunities developed for FEMA grant recipients.

K0705 Fundamentals of Grants Management

The Grants Management Technical Assistance (GMTA) team will deliver 10 virtual K0705 Fundamentals of Grants Management courses throughout 2021. The course is intended for FEMA’s grant recipients and subrecipients. It helps participants strengthen their grants management skills. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve collaboration among policy, program, and financial staff to integrate grant management functions.  
  • Identify applicable regulations and navigate and apply the Code of Federal Regulations, including 2 CFR Part 200.
  • Apply proven business practices related to the grant lifecycle to increase efficiency and meet grant management priorities, such as strategic planning, organization, program implementation, staff training, monitoring, reporting, and audits.
  • Develop or revise policies, procedures, and practices in critical areas of grants management, such as monitoring, procurement, source documentation, payments, and equipment inventory.
  • Prepare for federal monitoring and sub-recipient monitoring.

The course is a four-week session and includes:

  • 21 hours of online instruction
  • 14 hours of independent study and homework assignments
  • Hands on activities and networking break-out room

NOTE: FEMA encourages registration for recipients and others who were scheduled for the in-person field delivery for K/L 0705 course that was canceled due to COVID-19 during 2020.

The 2021 schedule is below. Please review the course dates and identify the best date for you to attend. Then, submit your online registration directly to Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI’s) online admissions system (Full link: You must submit your admission form no later than the specified Registration Close Date for your session, which is in the table below.

Submit questions to: [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in grants management!

K0705 Course DatesScheduleOrientation Dates (participants must attend one session)Registration Close Date
February 22 – March 18, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,1 -3 PM ETFebruary 16, 17, 18January 29
March 1 – March 25, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETFebruary 23, 24, 25February 5
April 19 – May 13, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,2 – 4 PM ETApril 13, 14, 15March 23
May 3 – May 27, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETApril 27, 28, 29March 31
June 7 – July 1, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,2 – 4 PM ETMay 19, 20, 25April 23
July 12 – August 5, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETJune 29, 30 and July 7June 11
July 26 – August 19, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,2 – 4 PM ETJuly 20, 21, 22June 25
August 9 – September 2, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETJuly 28 and August 3, 4July 1
September 13 – October 8, 2021Mondays and Thursdays2 – 4 PM ETAugust 31 and September 8, 9August 6
October 18 – November 10, 2021Mondays and Thursdays,10 AM – 12 PM ETOctober 6, 13, 14September 17

Stephen & Tabitha King fire grants award $115,000 to 4 Maine fire departments


Since 1986, the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation has been supporting Maine communities. As part of their 2020 grant process, the Foundation awarded fire grants totaling $115,000 to 4 Maine fire departments and First Responder Grants clients and students:

  • Randolph Fire Department, Maine, $40,000 for turnout gear
  • Nobleboro Fire Department, Maine, $20,000 for auto extrication equipment
  • Lebanon Fire Department, Maine, $35,000 for station addition
  • Turner Fire Department, Maine, $20,000 for auto extrication equipment

“Grants are available from generous private citizens and nonprofit organizations too,” says Greg Bavis, Grants Consultant at First Responder Grants. “Public safety agencies are trying to bridge those difficult gaps between their budget and their needs. State-focused programs such as the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation are making it possible for these four Maine fire departments to improve how they protect their communities and their personnel.”

Your department could be next!

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What separates the winners from the losers in grants?

Public Safety Grant News and Tips by Kurt Bradley, Certified Grants Consultant

What separates the winners from the losers in grants?
Public Safety Grant News and Tips by Kurt Bradley, Certified Grants Consultant

One year, I took on 18 departments who had previously had their grant applications rejected for a minimum of 2-3 years.

This was done purposely, with the intent of conducting an experiment to see what impact “applying the rules” would have on the outcomes. Apparently my observations about what they were doing wrong were correct.

That year, 14 of those 18 departments were funded after using this approach to their grant applications.

What made the difference?

$30K Firehouse Subs fire grant funds extrication equipment

Image: Town of Gorham, NH

Through the continued support of Greg Bavis at First Responder Grants, we have been able to find and apply to grants we never looked twice at in the past. The help that Greg has provided me over the last year has shown me the way to write effective narratives which make all the difference when applying.

Gorham Fire and EMS was awarded a grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation in the amount of $29,866 for the purpose of extrication equipment.

Thank you once again to First Responder Grants for helping Gorham Fire and EMS to make upgrades to necessary safety equipment at little or no cost to taxpayers.

Philip Cloutier
Fire Chief, EMT/EMD
Town of Gorham Fire & EMS
Gorham, NH

FY 2021 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S)

Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S) Grants

$35.5 million for fire safety and prevention programs

Application Period

Opens: Monday, January 25, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. ET
Closes: Friday, February 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. ET

Grant Website

Grant Guidelines

Funding Opportunity Number: DHS-20-GPD-044-00-97

Assistance Listings (formerly Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number): 97.044

Grant Deadline: February 26, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. ET

100 fire safety grants projected

The FP&S Program provide financial assistance directly to eligible fire departments, national, regional, state, local, tribal and non-profit organizations such as academic (e.g., universities), public health, occupational health, and injury prevention institutions for fire prevention programs and supporting firefighter health and safety research and development.

The FP&S Program represents one part of a comprehensive set of measures authorized by Congress and implemented by DHS. Among the five basic homeland security missions noted in the DHS Strategic Plan, the FP&S Program supports the goal to Strengthen National Preparedness and Resilience. In awarding grants, the FEMA Administrator is required to consider:

  • The findings and recommendations of the Technical Evaluation Panel;
  • The degree to which an award will reduce deaths, injuries, and property damage by reducing the risks associated with fire related and other hazards; and
  • The extent of an applicant’s need for an FP&S Program grant and the need to protect the United States as a whole.

The 2018-2022 FEMA Strategic Plan creates a shared vision for the field of emergency management and sets an ambitious, yet achievable, path forward to unify and further professionalize emergency management across the country. The FP&S Program supports the goal of Readying the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters. We invite all of our stakeholders and partners to also adopt these priorities and join us in building a stronger Agency and a more prepared and resilient Nation.

What this grant does for your agency

The objectives of the FP&S Program are to provide critically needed resources to carry out fire prevention education and training, fire code enforcement, fire/arson investigation, firefighter safety and health programming, prevention efforts, and research and development.

Agencies awarded the FY 2021 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S) receive funds toward programs that aid their departments and communities in fire safety and fire prevention efforts.

Estimated Total Program Funding: $35.5 million

Projected Number of Awards: 100

Only a limited number of grants will be awarded.

Grant Eligibility

For full eligibility details, see the Grant Guidelines.

About FEMA

FEMA’s mission is helping people before, during and after disasters. FEMA’s core values and guiding principles help us achieve it. More

Grant Deadline

Grant applications are due no later than 5 p.m. ET, Feb. 26, 2021.


Apply for the FY 2021 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S)

NIMS Alert 02-21: FEMA Releases “Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Initial Assessment Report”


FEMA has released its “Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Initial Assessment Report” which assesses the agency’s initial response to the global pandemic. 

Highlighted items in the report show the challenges the agency faced, including needing to clarify roles and authorities between responding agencies and managing complex interagency coordination while still protecting its own workforce. The report covers FEMA’s response from mid-March through Sept. 30, 2020 and provides 32 key findings and 57 recommendations in five areas.

FEMA partnered with the private sector, non-governmental organizations and other federal agencies to better manage the complex logistical operations. To drastically speed up the arrival of medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to the domestic market, FEMA chartered privately owned planes for medical distributors, reducing the transit time between manufacturer and customer from 30–45 days via ocean freight to approximately five days via air freight. Project Airbridge chartered 249 flights over a span of 92 days and delivered roughly 1.73 billion units of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies to prioritized areas.

While coordinating the federal COVID-19 response, FEMA responded to multiple disasters. The year 2020 was the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history with 25 named Atlantic Ocean storms, three of which were declared major disasters across seven states.  

FEMA’s COVID-19 operations led to innovations for coordination with government and non-government partners on implementing national distribution networks and innovative solutions to data management and analysis and manufacturing and procuring scarce resources. The agency’s adaptive workforce enabled it to facilitate an effective operational response to the pandemic.

The report findings and recommendations will be used to inform FEMA and the emergency management community and improve existing and future responses to pandemics. The Initial Assessment Report represents part of FEMA’s continuous improvement process, helping the agency learn faster and to communicate to the emergency management community where there are opportunities to build greater capacity.

To read the full report go to:

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FY2020 AFG is open! Apply for America’s biggest fire grant by Feb. 12


This is it, folks!

FY 2020 AFG has opened. The deadline to apply for America’s biggest fire grant is Feb. 12, 2021.

The objectives of the AFG Program are to:

  • Provide critically needed resources that equip and train emergency personnel to recognized standards
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • Foster interoperability, and
  • Support community resilience

AFG enhances public safety and firefighter safety by providing financial assistance for critical training and equipment directly to eligible:

  • Fire departments
  • Nonaffiliated emergency medical service (EMS) organizations, and
  • State Fire Training Academies (SFTAs)

2,000 awards are projected. Will one of them go to your department?

AFG: Learn more and apply